To The Makers Of Commercials

1. It is most certainly  NOT  time to get real about what happens in the bathroom!  I don’t want to hear about how clean you want your ass or the fact that you don’t want your fingers to poke through and give you a big old surprise while you’re wiping yourself.  That’s your  private business and I don’t care to be privy to it.  LOL get it? Privy? LOL sometimes I just crack myself up!!

2. Colon Cleanse….I can’t begin to tell you how much I do NOT want to see a graphic of crap running through my colon.  All I can do when that commercial comes on is cringe because I’m waiting for that inevitable wet plop to happen at the end.  a. I’m not cleaning that up!  b. It’s disgusting and icky.  Cut it out!

3. Activia…exactly HOW much are you paying Jamie Lee Curtis to do those annoying, ridiculous commercials?  I wanted to bitch slap the two people in the park who couldn’t take the time to swallow before talking about how great this stuff is. The “home videos” of the people taking the 14 day Activia challenge were Underwhelming to say the least. Now you have Activia light.  What? Really? I used to think that “Diet Prozac” was a joke but now I’m not so sure.

4. Colgate…Please, with all the money you spent on the commercial with the machine in the mall showing germs on teeth, couldn’t you afford at the very least to use two different “mouths”? I mean really, how much more expensive would it have been to get a slightly different graphic?  You cheaped out and it shows.

5. Honda Civic…What’s the idea of touting your car as getting 40 miles per gallon?  Back in the mid to late 70’s the Honda Civic was getting 50 miles per gallon!  Even that is being downsized…right along with our expectations. What a shame. And shame on you, Honda, for not doing better.  (I have to say that the Honda Civic is one of the BEST cars on the market, I just wish you would revert to your former performance level on the gas thing.)


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