PedEgg – I’m not going to go into the gory details.  Suffice it to say that a Rhino would gag at the sight of my feet, okay?  Ahhh, but that was before I found this little jewel!  It would be a bargain at double the price.  I bought it thinking that if it didn’t work, it was only ten bucks, but if it did work, it was ONLY ten bucks!  NOW MR. Rhino will be jealous of my smooth silky footsies.  *sigh*  One of the few products advertised that held up to the hype.  And as I understand it, you can get replacement blades and replacements for the sweet little polishing pads that come with it.  The polishing pads are basically oval shaped emery boards or if you’re a guy, its fine sandpaper.  Anywho, if you’re like me and you need some serious body work done on your footal regions, you should think about investing in this little baby.

Clorox Magic Sponge Mop–   I love this thing!  I love the original Magic Sponges too.  This mop is great.  I have 3 kids, 1 dog, and a husband.  Nuff said.  This mop handles everything I need in the kitchen and the bathroom.  Food spills….piece of cake.  Grease…no problemo.  Even Kool Aid doesn’t stand a chance against it.   The only downside is mechanical.  The wringer design is old-fashioned and hard to use if you’ve got any kind of physical handicap.  It could also use a scrubber strip for extra thick gunk.  I believe that after they get done with the initial debut and make whatever changes the market demands, it’s going to be a great product that you just can’t beat.

The Kingdom of America  by E.B. Alston   This is an amazing book.  In it, in the not so distant future, America becomes separated into two countries.  The process this takes isn’t really so far-fetched under the circumstances we find ourselves in today.  My favorite part so far (I’m not done reading it yet) is the way things are handled.  No molly coddling going on here, folks!   This is a great read.  Amazon sells it, but you can Google it and it comes up in quite a few other places as well.  One is even an e-book.  Just one interesting tidbit, the author lives just down the road.  He has written several other books, one of which I used to have a signed copy of.  It got burned up in the fire so I don’t have it anymore.  The title of that one was: The Emerald Necklace and Other Stories.  I really loved that one as well.  I like the way this author thinks!

The Weekly Vice  by Danny Vice – This is an incredible site with rational commentary on issues in todays headlines.  Danny says all of the things you’re yelling at the talking head on your television set every time the evening news comes on.  He has an incredible gift for putting it all in perspective and slamming it home in a scathingly logical manner.  Give him a shot, you’ll love it.

the five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom – This book was very interesting.  Very thought-provoking.  I really loved it.  It goes in a circle and at the end is a little surprise.  Try it, you’ll like it.

Me And My Bipolar Disorder – Upside Down Backwards by Faye McGhee – This is a wonderful book written by a writer with a wonderfully authentic voice.  It is very informational but not in a dry textbook style.  The book  is packed with detail about bipolar disorder interspersed with stories that highlight what life is like for someone suffering from living with this disorder.  Read it for the funny stories, read it for the information about bipolar disorder, read it for the unique information about how bipolar is treated differently in African-Americans,  but whatever you do….READ IT!!!!   Buy it here:


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  1. BT says:

    Nice job. Keep putting ur stuff out there.
    Plenty of us do try o keep up with the real stuff.

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