Little Of This, Little Of That

January 8, 2012

We have some bunnies.  They are adorable as only bunnies can be.  MDH got me two bunnies when his friend let him know that he had some bunnies he needed to find a home for.  Apparently, as he always does, he remembered when we were in the Farmer’s Supply store and I spent a good thirty minutes conversing with a bunny in a metal tub.  I love talking to animals.  They are in no way judgemental and they always laugh at my jokes. 

So we have these two babies.  They are furry and funny and curious and brave.  We name one Isabella and the other Nitro, which got changed to Snuggie, which got changed to Noogie(I have no idea where this came from, but I was the one who started it).  Now Isabella’s name is Izzy.  This is because we realized Izzy was male when he found his “special purpose in life” and started humping Noogie til he fell over sideways in a swoon. 

We finally had to move them to different quarters because Noogie emphasized her “not tonight, headache” with an attack that left Izzy sans hair on his nose.  MDH, darling that he is, constructed them a three-story condo, complete with balcony and burrow.  We actually moved lawnchairs into a semi-circle around them and sat outside drinking coffee and watching the bunnies for amusement.  (We have such a random life sometimes)

Just in case, we kept track of how long it had been since they were together and finally came to the conclusion that Noogie was not preggers.  Whew!  Dodged that bullet.  Well, not so much.

Rocky and I returned from town one day to discover four tiny little bare assed baby bunnies in the cage.  What??  Yep!  Four of em.  Crazy Legs told us he walked in the house and found Mini (one of our rat terriers) laying on the floor, eyes open, not moving.  And DeeDee on the couch with her paws up on the back of the couch, staring at the wall.  He couldn’t figure out what was going on.  The he checked the rabbit cage and there were the babies.  At that point, the dogs came out of lala land and started freaking out. 

OMG… bunnies are the cutest things EVER!  The fit in the palm of your hand, will try to hop out even though they can’t see, and they feed upside down!  I’m serious.  They get close to their mom’s tummy then they flip upside down onto their backs and start to feed.  Weird! 

We gave one away and sold the other three.  Ten bucks apiece!  w00t!  I was thinking about getting Izzy fixed but now I’m not so sure.  I wouldn’t mind feeling like a contributing member of this family again.  We’ll see how it goes.

Next……Intentions vs Results

I have a very good friend who had a brain tumor.  She was treated for it, did a bunch of rehab, got way better(even lost weight!!!), and it was all way awesome!  She was telling me the doctors told her she had a 50/50 chance of it coming back at some point in the future.  I told her that was great!!!  She said…Huh?  WTF is so great about that????

My intention was to say that a 50/50 chance is all we ever get.  Any of us.  We could wake up dead tomorrow, we could choke to death on a chicken sammich, we could be walking down our steps and get tripped by a tear in the space/time continuum(don’t laugh, shit like that happens to me all the time!),  a piece of space debris could fall out of the sky and embed itself into our brain.  ANYTHING could happen.  Every time you wake up in the morning you have a 50/50 chance of going to bed that night without a tag on your toe.  THAT was my intention.

Result?  I pissed her off and now she knows without a doubt that I’m an idiot.  *sigh*  I’m really getting tired of people finally figuring that out.  I had hoped to keep it a secret for a while longer. 

Intention: Wake up in the morning and decide what housework I need to do, then do it.

Result: I get so bogged down in all the things that need doing that I ‘m not able to do, that I can’t think straight.  I can’t sort things out in order of execution, I can’t bend over, I can’t put my arms over my head for any length of time, I can’t get too hot, I can’t be in an open area without something to hold onto in case I get vertigo, I can’t go down steps very good (hence the badly sprained right ankle and broken left leg that started on the first day of summer and ended on the last day, literally, which was caused by a step down off of a six-inch high porch), I can’t turn my head too fast or I will fall down, ……I could go on forever but I will stop here. 

Intention: Find out how the kids’ day went at school. 

Me: How was your day?

Result: *sigh*

Buddha: FiiiinnnneeeUH!  (whereupon he disappears into his room never to be seen again unless a) food is ready to eat, or b) I wake him up the next day to go to school.

Princess Bella:  Why, what did you hear?

Me: Uh….nuttin.  I was just asking.

PB: Well it was fine! (face getting red, eyes slightly bulging)

Me: Good!

PB: I don’t know why you always have to ask me that!  Nothing happened!  Everything was fine! Not one bad thing happenedalllday! (face very red, eyes bugged out like something off of Outer Limits)  Whereupon she disappears into her room, which lasts all of five seconds because Bella runs at warp speed.  She can only bounce off the walls of her room for a few seconds, then she has to have a larger area to bounce off of. 

Me: (alone in the room, slightly disoriented) Well, that went well.


I’ve been browsing around the blogosphere and I ran up on something truly amazing! is the coolest. blog . ever.  Nutmeg has the voice I heard in my head when I first imagined this blog.  THAT was what this was supposed to sound like.  Unfortunately, my blog comes out sounding just like me.  I wanted to sound all witty and funny and cool.  I guess this could be considered a P.S. to the Intention vs Result section of our day. 

Go check her out.  She rules.  And while you’re there, you HAVE to check out the “how I survive barney” section.  The woman has taste!  You will find yourself, ninety minutes later, holding your sides laughing and wondering where the time went!

Ok, seriously, I have to get something done.  I have been sitting here for hours and it’s time I earned my keep.  I could go make that bread in those new pans that I bought myself for Christmas.  They have cute little shapes.  But I’m not sure if the bread in a tube will work for that.  Maybe I should try to come up with something more productive to do with the bread?  Or I could do laundry. But I can’t bend over to take it out of the dryer, so I can only do one load until someone comes over and I have to beg them to get them out for me.  I could clean out the closet, but that requires arms over head, bending over….no, I guess not that one.  I could vacuum the floor!  Yeah!  Yay I found something I can do!! 

Crimanently, it’s sad when sucking dirt off your floor is the most productive thing you can think of to do in a day. 

Welcome to Life in the slow lane.



My Big Day

October 27, 2011

A couple of days ago I had the best day I have had in so long I can’t really remember. It was awesome!

No, I didn’t win the lottery or Publisher’s Clearing House.  I didn’t get a free trip to the Bahamas.  I didn’t get anything….except to feel fantastic, incredible, happy, healthy,   normal.  For me normal is the highest height I can aspire to.  It’s the highest feeling I’ve had since I got FUBAR’d.   (Thank you Arnold Chiari Malformation and MS….you suck a big green weenie)

It started when I woke up at 4:30 am.  Very unusual for me lately.  Normally I would hit the snooze about seven times and sleep until almost 5:30 am.  But I felt really awake and so I rolled with it.  I got up and fixed homemade biscuits and sausage for everyone for breakfast.  After I got everyone off to school and work, I sat down to read for a few minutes.  When I looked up again I decided that feeling normal ROCKS and so I would use that time to do something constructive.  I proceeded to clean up my paper avalanche around the computer.

When I die it is going to be from being suffocated by a large pile of paper that I couldn’t think well enough to decide what to do with. 

So I put the FAT principle into motion and divided everything into three piles: File, Act, Toss.  That eliminated about 90% of the paper.  Then I filed the F pile and that left me with the Act pile.  So far so good.  Then I tossed 3 years worth of old files and dug down to the current page of my desk calendar.  That right there is more than I’ve done in months and months. 

After I was done, I could actually get to my computer without climbing any paper mountains and without a native guide.  I was happy.  I then went grocery shopping with Rocky and Pony.  When we got back I put away groceries, loaded the dishwasher, did some laundry, and fixed dinner. 

Sounds like a small fraction of anyone’s normal day, doesn’t it?  Yeah, I know.  But for me it was like a life orgasm.  I got to spend a day being sorta like I used to be.  You know, like a real person.  Like a human being that can get up in the morning and look around and say…..I need to do this and this and this…..and not mean ONLY this and this and this but mean in addition to my normal stuff. 

What I can usually do is get up in the morning and look around and say to myself….how in the name of God will I ever be able to catch up with all this stuff?  Then I get really optimistic and say to myself….just pick a couple of things to do and don’t worry about the rest.  Then I look around and there is just SO MUCH that I haven’t done that I can’t decide what needs doing most.  Which makes me feel like a total slug and worthless in the extreme.  Then I get to feeling bad about myself and it ends up where I spend most of every day trying to keep from cutting my own throat for being such a worthless excuse for a human being. 

Because I can’t lift my hands over my head because it messes up my neck and I get headaches and vertigo, and I can’t bend down because it makes me dizzy, and I can’t stand up straight for long because it makes my knees go numb, and I can’t and I can’t and I can’t and I can’t……..!  My entire life is the things I can’t. Sometimes I just go ahead and do it anyway.  Then I spend days where I can’t think good, I can’t walk good, I can’t talk good, my head hurts, my neck hurts and that damn screaming tinnitus will not leave me alone.  I don’t understand what people are saying to me, and I don’t get what they want and I don’t know how to say that I don’t get it.  I am terrified of becoming stuck in that state one day.

But the other day……I had a GOOD day!  I live off of those like they are food.

Thoughts on Back Yards

August 7, 2009

I have recently become conscious of other people’s back yards.  They fascinate me.  You ride along the road and sometimes catch a little glimpse of a back yard.  My imagination takes over and off I go!

It reminds me of when I was younger and lived in town.  I loved to walk.  I walked everywhere I could every chance I had.  My favorite time to walk was just after dark.  People had turned on their lights, the shades were still up and I could see the upper parts of their walls, and their ceiling.  Occasionally I could see someones head as they passed by.  I always wondered what happened in those houses. 

What were they doing right that second?  Was the whole family together or were they all doing their own things?  You could tell when the television was on because the room flickered.  That made it seem that much more magical.  I never wanted to see the people in the daylight.  I never wanted to be able to see the entire room.  I made up stories for each house and the people I imagined in them. 

Now, back yards make me feel the same way.  I have noticed that often back yards are not at all the same as front yards.  They usually have a totally different feel to them.  My guess is that back yards reflect the owners personality more clearly than front yards. 

Front yards are for show.  Back yards are for living in.  For instance, my front yard is nice and neat(LOL  sometimes!) while my back yard is a total catastrophe!  It is just like my brain, disorganized, messy, but with the potential to be really nice if you could just get a clear picture of what you want and the methods of making it right would come to you in the proper order.

Living way out in the country, I have the chance to see quite a few back yards on my way to and from town.  My favorites are the back yards of older houses.  They usually have old farm buildings back there.  Some have smaller houses as well.  My guess is that the smaller houses are the original house on that site.  Sometimes they are old and empty, sometimes still in use. 

Some of the other things I see in back yards are swing sets, kids toys, gardens, rabbit hutches, chicken coops, interesting small buildings, patios, decks, junk cars,ponds, rusty old farm equipment, horses, and llamas.  I really like the llamas. 

In my own back yard there is the following:  a fire-pit with benches around it, a picnic table, my mom’s house, a grape vine, a ton of roses, a swing set, a barn, some jet skis, the dismantled building from MDH’s grandfather’s house, a garden, a clothes line, a target for knife throwing, a chin up bar, various and sundry bicycles, a canoe, a john boat and a burn pile.  That burn pile is really getting big!  Partly that’s because it contains the chair our dog Ditto gave birth in.  (shudder)

That’s what’s in my back yard, what’s in yours?

Hello 2009

January 5, 2009

Well here we are in 2009!  We managed to make it through another year. 

We have a new President who made (long overdue) history.  We are in the middle of a recession.  *sigh*  People have lost their homes left and right.  The price of gasoline inexplicably went up and then….wonder of wonders…..went down again when people stopped driving so much.  At the end of it, we had the same old realization, that the oil companies made incredible profits by riding on the backs of the consumer.  Sad.

This past year seemed to be built on the unfortunate premise that greed at any cost is a good thing.  Hmmmm…..greed at any cost?  That seems to be an unwise choice of words, but there it is.  At the moment I don’t have the mental facility to correct myself.

On a more personal note, the year was pretty good.  Sure, we’re being hit by the recession along with everyone else, however I grew up fairly poor so I have a few tricks up my sleeve for dealing with all of this.  I’ve also been here before and I know that in the end it all gets better.  For those of you going through this for the first time, hang in there.  It’s like a kidney stone:  It hurts like hell, but it doesn’t do any permanent damage and it will pass.

MDH is doing great.  He’s moving right along on all fronts and seems to be, for the most part, happy and healthy.  He is committed to the volunteer fire department in our area and takes classes in order to be more useful to them.  Being helpful and useful is in his nature.  It is one of the things that makes him one of those people that you just want to be around.  He is getting back into Tai Chi, and will soon be smoking his pipe again.  He’s a Native American Pipe Carrier.  He’s been on a Vision Quest and everything.  That was an awesome event.  I’ll tell you about it sometime.

The Buddha and Princess Bella are doing well too.  They were both on the honor rolls last report card time.  They both got awards for perfect attendance.  Their teachers think the world of both of them.  They both love school.  The holiday vacation was hard on them.  They missed their friends and their teachers!  However, they both made out like bandits at Christmas.  The Buddha’s comment was, “We have less money than we ever had but this year I got more things I asked for than ever before!”  It didn’t hurt that he pared down his list to just three things that he really wanted. 

Rocky is doing wonderful.  My brother, Porkchop, and his daughter Tiffany came for a surprise visit right after Christmas.  She was in Heaven!  Her knee bothers her, I think because of the difference in the weather between here and Florida.  But she’s a tough cookie and never complains about anything. 

Possum is doing fantastic.  A little history for you since she doesn’t play a huge roll in this blog:  Possum is MDH’s natural daughter.  I adopted her when she was very young.  Now she’s MY daughter too.  We went to court more times than anyone ever should in order to gain custody of her and keep her safe.  We accomplished that in a very satisfactory way.  Now she is eighteen and has gone to live with her natural mother’s family.  It caused a lot of hard feelings at first for some family members.  But!  she has the right to get to know them.  We did our job, we kept her safe and secure while she was growing up.  We taught her to think for herself.  Now we have to let her do it!  Besides, if I were in her position, I would be doing the exact same thing.  She seems to be happy and healthy.  It makes me smile to think of her that way.  I miss her because she is in another town, but I’m happy that she is happy. 

Birdie, my natural daughter and Buddha and Bella’s mom, moved here from Texas a year ago.  She just told me the other day that she is moving back there now.  It makes me sad to think of her being that far away again, but to be honest we have only seen her a few times since she’s been here so for all practical purposes, it won’t be any different.  We’ll just know that she’s not nearby anymore when we think of her.  It will probably be good for her to go though, because Baby Jimmy, our youngest grand-baby, is buried there.  She won’t have to think of him being so far away all by himself anymore.  That was very hard on her.  I hope she is happy with her decision and that it works for her the way she wants it to. 

We have a whole new batch of puppies.  *sob*  Seventeen this time.  I’m taking them to Walmart and pushing them on kids like a drug dealer.  (in whispery, underhanded voice)  Pssst….Hey kid!  Wanna puppy?   I’ll dress them up in Valentine’s Day bandanas and name them all sweetheart names.  Love, Passion, Chocolate, Candy, etc.  Do you think it will work?  Lord I sure hope so!

So, a late, Happy Holidays!  I hope your New Year is better than you hope, with all kinds of interesting adventures.

Musings On Nothing Relevant

November 8, 2008

One of my teachers from childhood told me this story and I remember it often:

One night at the dinner table a husband asks his wife why she always cuts the roast in half and only cooks half at a time.  The wife thinks about this and says, “That’s the way my mother always did it.”  She thinks about this and decides to find out why.  She calls her mother and asks her the same question.  Her mother answers, “I do it that way because that’s the way my mother did it.”  Now mom is curious so she calls her mother and asks why she always cut the roast in half and only cooked half at a time.  Her mother replies, “I did it that way because my roasting pan was too small to fit the whole roast!” 

We often get in the habit of doing things and never really question why.  When the light bulb goes off over our head, it sometimes gets hilarious.  Think about the things you do out of habit.  You might just get a laugh when you find out the origin of the habit.

Which brings me to the next part of my post:  The origin of phrases we use everyday, but have no idea where they came from or what they really mean/meant. I found two really great websites that give the origin of phrases and words.  I’ll list them at the bottom of the post.  For now, let’s look at a few of the common phrases we use everyday but never question.

The quick and the dead:  This phrase didn’t start out meaning “fast and dead”, which was made popular by the Sharon Stone movie of the same name.  Quick means alive.  So the phrase means “the living and the dead”.  You can click on either of the links and find a more complete explanation.

Three sheets in the wind:  We use this phrase to mean blind, stumbling drunk.  It’s a nautical term.  The sheets aren’t the sails, which is what I thought.  The sheets are the ropes or chains that secure the sail in place.  If three of the sheets are loose and blowing in the wind the sail will flap and move like a drunken sailor. 

Tit for Tat:  This phrase is used to mean returning slight for slight or returning in kind what we have been given, usually something bad.  It was originally spelled “tip for tap” as in blow for blow.  The spelling was changed to tit for tat. 

The websites that gave me the explanations for these phrases have a blue million more as well.

The Phrase Finder is here:

Word Origins is here:

These sites are interesting and informative and will be a total time suck if you’re like me and can’t get enough of explanations for things.

Aimless Wandering Of My Brain

October 14, 2008

Our local convenience stores and gas stations are having a price war.  (Excuse me while I jump for joy)  They are currently down to $2.99 a gallon.  When you consider that my vehicle sucks gasoline like an alkie at an open bar, this is happy news for me.  I hope they continue along these lines because I have been trying to wean my truck off of the stuff and it’s like trying to rehab Robert Downey, Jr.  Not gonna happen!  Any day now I expect to get a call telling me to come pick my truck up from the impound yard because it was found asleep in a stranger’s garage. 

Drew Cary sucks as a replacement for Bob Barker.  I’m not sure anyone would have been able to take Bob’s place smoothly, however, Drew Cary sucks as a replacement for Bob Barker.  I had to say it again because once is simply not enough.

I will be immeasurably happy when the elections are over.  If I see one more campaign add that features a fifteen year old video clip of one of the candidates, taken out of context, I’ll puke.  If they were more evenly matched physically, I’d just love to see them mud wrestle.  It would be far more entertaining than having to dodge all the mud they’re slinging. 

I love sunrises and especially sunsets.  This has nothing to do with anything, but as the title says, I’m rambling.

I love being grown up.  Unlike Princess Bella and The Buddha, I get to stay up as late as I want and play video games!  Yay me!  I got one for my birthday.  I rule and I have mad skillz.  No one can touch me on the game.  This is mainly because I have all day and all night to play and they don’t.  Sucks to be them.  I still rule!  MDH will catch up with me in time, but for right now, I’m da boss.

DeeDee, our momma dog, is in heat.  I let her out the other morning and she ran off for a couple of hours.  The next time I saw her she was running out of the woods from a direction I have never seen her go in.  I believe that she took off and got some “strange.”  *sigh*  This could get ugly.

Tomorrow I get to spend my third day in court at a child support hearing for the kids.  I would rather take the beating.  They never say my name, they never speak to me, yet I have to be there every time.  They would never know it if I didn’t show up.  I would be just my luck that if I didn’t go, that would be the day they decided to call my name.  You would think that after three months it would be settled, but nooooo.  Sheesh!

Strangely enough, being fifty-one is just like being fifty.  Whoda thunk it?

I always over-pack for trips, vacations, etc.  If you have it and you don’t need it, it’s no biggie.  If you need it and don’t have it, it is a biggie.

I wish I could remember to write down my ideas for this blog so that I wouldn’t forget the things I think about that I want to write. No such luck.  If I did write it down, I would forget where I put it, anyway.  The neuropsychologist told me that I needed to use organizational tricks to remember things.  She used pocket sized notebooks as an example.  Yeah, right.  I have about thirty of those floating around here.  I can pick up any one of them and read what I wrote in it, but I cannot for the life of me tell you what any of it means or why I wrote whatever it is.  It’s like reading a dead language. 

I want to learn a dead language.  That way, if I screw it up, who will know?

I sometimes consider having my legs amputated.  They usually work pretty good and there is nothing fatal wrong with them.  But if my legs were gone people wouldn’t look at me so strange when I say I can’t do something that they think I should be able to do.  That “Oh PLEASE!!!!” look would be gone.  That would be nice…….for a minute.  I guess I would rather have my legs and just hope that someday education will win the fight and people won’t be so thoughtless.  That kind of thing always makes me feel bad about myself.  It hurts.

What in the name of all that’s holy could women over the normal age for childbearing be thinking of when they deliberately get pregnant?????  Say a fifty year old woman gets pregnant.  By the time her kid is of age, she will be in her seventies.  Who the hell thinks THAT is a good idea?  On the other hand, I’m prejudiced against the idea only because I’m tired and old and I’m raising kids who feel cheated because I can’t walk through the haunted house with them.  Any of you who feel that you need to get pregnant when you’re over the normal childbearing age, just remember, you aren’t the only person to consider.  Then, when you’re done, you tell me to STFU and mind my own business.  Do what you think is right. 

I have heard and read a bazillion arguments against gay marriage and I have yet to hear a single one that doesn’t end up reading like this: “Two thousand years ago, in a land I’ve never been to, a God that didn’t belong to me told some people that have nothing whatsoever to do with me, in a language that isn’t mine and never will be, that it was a bad idea.  It says so right here in my never altered, never mis-translated, never amended, never changed by human hands, English language, KING JAMES version  Bible.”   However, those same people shave their faces, cut their hair, get divorced, steal, lie, and covet their neighbor’s ass like there’s no tomorrow.  And still there is not one iota of an indication of how gay marriage is going to harm anyone, of how it will adversely effect one single person.  If the only argument against it is a religious based one, it has no place in the laws of this country.  Get over it.

Bella, Lassie, and the Chicken Biscuit

July 29, 2008

My Dearest Husband occasionally brings home biscuits for breakfast.  Since he works 3rd shift and he passes every food place in town on the way home he can do this without too much trouble.  He does it just often enough to make it special.  We all love it.

Today he brought us home biscuits for breakfast.  Bella got her usual chicken biscuit.  She, according to her, will only eat fried chicken.  Having said this, I can cut up anything at all and tell her it’s fried chicken and she will then eat it.  Anyway, she loves chicken biscuits, so MDH got her one.

When she woke up to her’s she was ecstatic!  She asked where it came from.  MDH, never one to tell a simple story, told her that Lassie woke up this morning.  Sensing that Bella would be jonesing for a chicken biscuit for breakfast, Lassie ran down the road to the store and whined.  The store keeper listened to Lassie and said, “What, Lassie?  Bella is hungry?  And she needs a biscuit?”  To which Lassie whined some more.  The shopkeeper listened again then said, “What, Lassie?  Not just any old biscuit will do?  Bella has to have a fried chicken biscuit?  Okay then, I’ll make her one right away!” 

Lassie whined to the shopkeeper some more.  To which the shopkeeper replied, “What did you say Lassie?  Toss in four more biscuits?”  Lassie whined a bit more.  The shopkeeper said, “Any old biscuits will do for the rest of the family, eh?  Okay Lassie.  Should I just put this on your bill?” 

Lassie whined one last time and the shopkeeper said, “You’re welcome, Lassie.  You have a great day too!”  Then he handed Lassie the bag of biscuits and Lassie ran out the door just as MDH pulled up.  Lassie jumped in the truck and they pulled out and drove home together.  They got there just in time to surprise Bella with a piping hot fried chicken biscuit just as she woke up for breakfast!

After listening to this whole long story in wide eyed wonder, Bella’s only reply was, “Who is Lassie?”




For those of you too young to remember, Lassie was the single most intelligent being on a farm in TV land back in the LONG AGO.  The family he lived with THOUGHT  they were smart but Lassie had them all beat in the smarts department by a country mile.  And every human for miles around understood that when Lassie came whining it meant that some dumb ass had gotten themselves into trouble.  The dumb ass was usually Timmy, Lassie’s “owner”.  There is some controversy as to who actually owned whom.  Considering the fact that Lassie took way better care of Timmy than Timmy took of Lassie, I feel that Lassie was the dominant character here.  That’s just my opinion.

Also, Lassie could convey vast amounts of information in that whine.  It was amazing!  All my dogs can do is look at me stupidly then five seconds later pee on my floor.  There is none of that “Lassie” type of information-passing going on here.  I mean, if Bella or The Buddha were to fall into a well, I would find out about it because all of the dogs would be milling about aimlessly near the well.  No one would come to me whining in a meaningful way.  No one would come to me and bark out that I needed to get a rope to pull them out, no not a hemp rope, a nylon rope.  They might come and lift their leg on my foot just for kicks and giggles but that’s about the extent of it.

DeeDee can do some tricks.  If I say we’re going to be rich, she will stick her nose up in the air.  If I tell her that daddy farted, she will cover her face with her paws.  She can sit, stand, lay down, dance and box.  That’s it.  No saving lives, no communicating complex information, no giving directions to out of the way places.  Just your average everyday dogs. 

Lassie was one of a kind.  Google her.  Maybe we can get a Lassie revival going.  Because to be honest, it made me feel old as hell when Bella asked that question.  And I didn’t like it.  Not one little bit!

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