So I’ve had a couple of small miracles happen. I’m almost afraid to write about them for fear of jinxing it all and falling back into the abyss.

Strangely enough it all stated over a decade ago when I first got sick. I was writing on a site called Helium at that time. My neurologist was working on the assumption that I had MS due to my symptoms and the fact that I had spots on my brain.

I had written a piece that humorously explained my MS as my hard working immune system turning on my brain when it had nothing else to do. Haha, right?

Well I soon got a private message from a doctor in California who had developed a theory that most auto-immune disorders were caused by untreated rheumatic fever. He described me and my symptoms to a T and gave me a list of tests for my doctors to run on me.

I’m not afraid to tell ya it freaked me out! He was spot on, like he was sitting over my shoulder or something. So I didn’t have the tests run. I did correspond with him for quite some time. He turned out to be an awesome man.

Fast forward to March of this year, 2017. I finally get to see my actual doctor. I love this guy. His hobby is the human body and how it works. He is just like My Dearest Husband is with machines. Body mechanics is his hobby.

I’m there talking to him about getting paperwork for my disability hearings. I mention this conversation with the California Dr about rheumatic fever and all of a sudden the air in the room gets an electric charge. You can hear the gears turning in his head. He starts shooting questions at me rapid fire like a machine gun:

Ever had double vision? Yes

Sensitivity to light? Yes

Unexplained rash? Yes

Blurry vision? Yes

Memory trouble? Yes

It goes on and on. He’s almost reading a list of my symptoms from the start! He says he has an idea. He’s going to write me a script. Try it for two weeks. If he’s right it will change my life. If he’s wrong we haven’t lost anything.

I figure what the hell. I got nothing else to do. I’ve spent the biggest part of the last decade going to bed every night praying that I wouldn’t have to wake up the next day. I’ll try anything.

So I take 5 mg of prednisone a day for two weeks. It’s like that stuff crawled into my brain and gave it CPR! It’s like waking up out of a coma! It’s like being brought back to life after spending more than ten years dead! My brain is waking back up!

I  move! I’ve lost almost 55 lbs so far. I used to listen to people talk about doing things and honestly my brain just couldn’t conceive of any reason why someone would do it, or how. None of it made sense.

Let’s go eat and watch a movie. What? Go away to get food? But there is food here? I just didn’t get it. Nothing about being a human made sense to me.

Now I have actually purchased new clothes! Lol I don’t do that because it makes me nauseous. But I did it this time with a smile on my face!

So we are working on getting a diagnosis for this. Of course getting one can be darn near impossible. Of course, I can’t ever have anything easy or straightforward. But I’ll take this.

If I never get anything but this 5mg of prednisone I’ll be happy forever.

My Dr. Frankenstein pulled me up out of the grave and built me out of pure junk. I’ll gladly take that miracle!



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