Suing McDonald’s?

Where do I start? 

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is threatening to sue McDonald’s restaurant if they don’t stop putting toys into their Happy Meal.  WTF?  These people, whoever they are, are equating the happy meal toys with candy from child predators!  What???? 

Number One: This still being America, it is MY decision and MY decision alone what my children eat.  If I don’t want them to eat a Happy Meal I will tell them NO myself.  I don’t want or need your help to do it.  Rest assured, The Center for Science in the Public Interest…….I got this.

Number Two: Who the hell are you anyway?  I never asked some random anonymous group  you to represent my public interest.  I can handle that quite well all on my own, thank you very much.  I’ll be doing that right along with deciding whether or not my kids can have a Happy Meal! 

Number Three:  Butt the hell out!  Here’s an idea… about you concern yourself with kids who have no one to make that decision for them?  How about you take your “science in the public interest” and use it for some real public interest?  You can use all of your influence and backing (from God only knows where) and fix the foster care system in this country. Or you can use it to try to infuse some common sense into politics, like maybe instead of forcing people to purchase medical insurance, you can set it up so that those of us who are free Americans can decide for ourselves if we WANT to buy insurance.  Oh wait…..That’s the opposite of what you do, right? 

Number Four:  Who told you what the public interest is?  I don’t recall having a vote as to what my public interests are.  And I can promise you this: it will be twenty years after the end of the world before I let some random group whose aims and goals I know nothing about, decide anything for me. 

Number Five:  What science?  Who are the “scientists” who are providing you with your information?  Is this real science or junk science?  Or is it maybe science of the “let’s see how many dumb asses we can get to back this lame idea without thinking about it” variety? 

Number Six:  What ever happened to parents making the decisions for their children?  That is our JOB!  We decide what we are going to allow.  You can’t legislate stupid out of the world.  If we could, YOU would be the first to go!



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