Charlie Sheen

Once again we get to watch a star go through a public meltdown.  So sad.  Charlie Sheen is obviously having mental, emotional, and judging by the way he looks these days, physical issues.  And of course, this being NEWS,  we will get to watch it happen on every local, state, and national newscast every day. 

I have a hard time trying to figure out why they will show this type of disaster but don’t show the bodies flying through the air when they film a traffic accident.  If it’s acceptable to show someone drowning in mental illness, why isn’t it ok to show someone jumping from a burning building? 

Both are personal disasters and they shouldn’t be made as public as humanly possible.  That’s just common and tacky behavior and news organizations should be ashamed of themselves for cashing in on it. 

I’m just sayin.

P.S.  Does it strike anyone else as odd that one of the top rated television shows in this nation is about a booze addled sexual reprobate who has no interpersonal skills except with hookers?


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