Whatever happpened to……

Whatever happened to …..

Wax lips

Penny candy

That kid who played in Oliver Twist and then HR Puffenstuff….Jack something

Drive in movies

Sitting on the front porch in the evenings


Those giant crackers that were a square made out of four of the crackers we have now

Maypo cereal


Making butter in Kindergarten by taking turns shaking a canning jar full of cream

……Your turn!


One Response to Whatever happpened to……

  1. Eric says:

    Holy cow! You remember Fizzies too?

    Fizzies were made by Necco, the same company that still makes their non-fizzing (and, in my opinion, lame) counterpart, Smarties.

    (But they also make Necco wafers, so I forgive them for Smarties)

    Alas, Fizzies are no more… but you can still find Zotz, which are hard candies with fizzy filling – not the same as Fizzies, but still good in their own way.

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