How Well Do You Know Your Loved Ones?

I love Stephen King’s writing.  I just get into the way he thinks.  He often surprises me with the twists he takes.  I walk around a corner expecting to see the same thing I’ve seen everyday for fifty some odd years and what I end up looking at is…..the same thing I’ve seen for fifty some odd years only different.  Viewed from a different angle.  From a different perspective.  And it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. 

I just got done reading “Full Dark,  No Stars” and it is fantastic!  My favorite story in the book is the last one, “A Good Marriage”.  A woman accidentally finds the possibility that her husband isn’t even remotely who she thought he was.  It is an awesome story, brilliantly and sympathetically written. 

*********************************SPOILER ALERT!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!*****************************


In the days when BTK came back around, after he was caught, I often wondered about his wife.  It was smart in the extreme in my opinion for her to stay out of the media spotlight.  Because  you CAN be with someone for years on end and have no idea who they REALLY are.  What you see is the mask they let you see and nothing more.  This is true of everyone.  This is natural.  You can’t give every second of your life away to someone, it would take too much time and it really tells you nothing because I can’t understand completely how you perceived every moment of your life.  And your perception of your life is your reality. 

I heard many people talk about how his wife had to know something.  I don’t believe that’s true.  I mean I don’t believe she HAD to know something.  People have a blue million little quirks that never even register, much less make you look closer. I think it’s absolutely possible to live with someone like that and never even suspect a thing.  They would make sure that early in the relationship they set their limits on everything.  It would look just like every other relationship that is just beginning and people set their boundaries.  Only in this case the boundaries would be for hiding and not for personal space. 

Once you get into a habit of not invading someone’s space you never really think about it again.  Unless something really slaps you in the face about it.  Then and only then do you really think about what it might have meant.  What it might have been for

I’m guessing that women/men who are victims of a bigamist feel the same kind of wonder/horror/humiliation/shame that the spouse of a serial killer would feel.  All of the boundaries are set early on.  You never question them.  Until….

Anyway….read the book.  The other stories in the book are Stephen King through and through.  I just love that guy.  The Good Marriage just spoke to me of things I have thought about before myself.  Luckily, Stephen King has magic in his storytelling.  He can jell the random thoughts that roll through my brain in a way that makes me feel smart……and sorta creepy.  I like that!


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