Questions and Comments 11/23/10

1. So, do you think that the airports will hold up the airplanes while the protesters are getting all felt up by airport security?  Or will they go sailing off with a bunch of lucky people who were on standby?

2. Exactly who is the brilliant genius who thought up Four Loko?  How did this stuff get past the powers that be?  I think that Four Loko is a terrorist plot to undermine and destabilize our youth!  Wait…toooo late!!!!

3. How come no one in this country is screaming bloody murder about insurance companies and the crap they pull?  I mean, these people can take your money for years,  give you nothing in return, and then drop you like a hot rock when you use them for exactly the reason you pay them.  Which means that they got to rob you blind, then walk away with all your money and no one even bats an eye.  Since when does anyone in this country get to promise you protection for a fee and then walk away and give you nothing?  Ummmm besides the Mafia, I mean. 

And here we conclude the questions portion of our evening.  We will now begin the comments portion.

I get all discombobulated thinking about the airport security question these days.  Because I totally get the need for security.  If I were getting on a plane I would want everyone from the pilot on down to myself to be searched with a fanatic vigilance.  I really don’t relish the thought of being aloft in a bombed out airplane.  However, having said that, I also completely understand the feelings of violation that some of the people feel who have undergone the pat down.  Personally, I think that if I was flying, I would use the machine.  It would serve them right to have to look at that! 

Caffeine and alcohol go together like cheese and drill bits.  mmmkay?  Need we say more?  Why yes, I believe we do need.  The fact that this stuff was on the market at all leads me to believe that I could concoct a drink consisting of herbal tea and battery acid and it would be allowed on the market.  Apparently there are no regulations governing this kind of thing.  Next thing you know doctors will be prescribing anti-suppresents and diet prozac. 

How sad is it about the stampede on the bridge in Cambodia?  Dang…..

What is UP with all these mine disasters lately?  I realize that this is a question and we’re supposed to be done with that but seriously…..WTF?  Is this designated as mine disaster season on the universal calendar of events?  Where do you supposed one could get a copy of that calendar?  THAT would be a handy-dandy little thing to have, wouldn’t it?

Welp, tomorrow begins my mad dash to try to get Thanksgiving Dinner on the table.  I’m trying to decide what all I can cook a day ahead.  The good news is that the turkey is now slowly thawing in the fridge and I have all the ingredients that I need to cook everything I had planned to cook.  We’ll see how it goes.  Luckily I have a built-in excuse if everything goes wrong: I’m the one with brain damage.  Everyone else however has no excuse because they allowed me to handle it all.  What kind of poor judgement is that?

I also have two deer hides that I have to do something with.  I really hate to start messing with them on Thanksgiving Eve.  It’s really a messy endeavor.  Maybe I will try to take some pictures of the process and we can see how it works out together. 

Oh!  One more thing…..MDH is going to be in The Horse Magazine!  He’s building a motorcycle for a contest.  I’ll keep you posted on that too.  Or…you could always subscribe to the magazine.  But I will have the inside scoop.  So stay tuned!


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