Random Thoughts 11/21/10

My first thought is that considering that it’s been so long since I’ve been on here….I should have way more thoughts! Apparently this is not to be.

I did have one thought about the Gitmo prisoner tried in a civilian court…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Just goes to show you that you never know! It had to be one of those “DOH” moments for the military. Now don’t get me wrong..this guy might have richly deserved to be convicted on all counts and hung on the courthouse square at high noon in biker shorts. I have no idea. I just think it’s funny as hell that everyone was so surprised by the outcome. Can you say “OJ” ?

My brother Pony has come to live with us up on the hill. He’s staying at Rocky’s place. It has been soooo long since I have been around him on a regular basis. It ROCKS! It’s like having a twin. We think so much alike it gets scary sometimes. And to top it all off with a bright red cherry, MDH thinks the sun rises when Pony wakes up. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The Buddha is getting his drivers lisence soon…..*sigh* Luckily he’s a very good driver. So far. Not long ago three of his best friends were in a horrible car accident and one of them died, one of them is still in the hospital(since 10/23/10), and the other has memory problems from a head injury. I live in fear every time he leaves the house. So far (knock on wood) he’s shown very good judgement. I’m going to hold on to THAT observation for dear life!

Bella is in middle school. Oh boy! THE single most evil, bully filled, snooty, snotty, horrible place in the world. She’s hanging in there. Being hugely smart, with ADHD and all the cute little quirkes that go along with it, she walks around with a big old bullseye on her chest. So far so good. (knock on wood with a sledgehammer)

Almost Thanksgiving. I like that. OH CRAP! I have to put my turkey in the fridge to thaw! um….anyway, it will be nice and quiet. I used to love to have huge gatherings at parties right here. Now I’m not even a little bit interested. It just takes too much out of me. By the time everything is ready I’m so far off my feed that I don’t enjoy it at all. So now I’m all about going to someone else’s house and letting them do all the work. 🙂 I’m accepting all invitations.

So, that seems to have emptied my head of all thoughts. That was disturbingly easy and quick. *sigh*

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you have so many things to be thankful for that you can’t count them all. And if not, you know you always have one…..you are here. If you’re reading this, I’M thankful for YOU!


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