Thoughts on Back Yards

August 7, 2009

I have recently become conscious of other people’s back yards.  They fascinate me.  You ride along the road and sometimes catch a little glimpse of a back yard.  My imagination takes over and off I go!

It reminds me of when I was younger and lived in town.  I loved to walk.  I walked everywhere I could every chance I had.  My favorite time to walk was just after dark.  People had turned on their lights, the shades were still up and I could see the upper parts of their walls, and their ceiling.  Occasionally I could see someones head as they passed by.  I always wondered what happened in those houses. 

What were they doing right that second?  Was the whole family together or were they all doing their own things?  You could tell when the television was on because the room flickered.  That made it seem that much more magical.  I never wanted to see the people in the daylight.  I never wanted to be able to see the entire room.  I made up stories for each house and the people I imagined in them. 

Now, back yards make me feel the same way.  I have noticed that often back yards are not at all the same as front yards.  They usually have a totally different feel to them.  My guess is that back yards reflect the owners personality more clearly than front yards. 

Front yards are for show.  Back yards are for living in.  For instance, my front yard is nice and neat(LOL  sometimes!) while my back yard is a total catastrophe!  It is just like my brain, disorganized, messy, but with the potential to be really nice if you could just get a clear picture of what you want and the methods of making it right would come to you in the proper order.

Living way out in the country, I have the chance to see quite a few back yards on my way to and from town.  My favorites are the back yards of older houses.  They usually have old farm buildings back there.  Some have smaller houses as well.  My guess is that the smaller houses are the original house on that site.  Sometimes they are old and empty, sometimes still in use. 

Some of the other things I see in back yards are swing sets, kids toys, gardens, rabbit hutches, chicken coops, interesting small buildings, patios, decks, junk cars,ponds, rusty old farm equipment, horses, and llamas.  I really like the llamas. 

In my own back yard there is the following:  a fire-pit with benches around it, a picnic table, my mom’s house, a grape vine, a ton of roses, a swing set, a barn, some jet skis, the dismantled building from MDH’s grandfather’s house, a garden, a clothes line, a target for knife throwing, a chin up bar, various and sundry bicycles, a canoe, a john boat and a burn pile.  That burn pile is really getting big!  Partly that’s because it contains the chair our dog Ditto gave birth in.  (shudder)

That’s what’s in my back yard, what’s in yours?


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