Nadya Suleman

Up to this point I have refrained from commenting on this situation.  Now the pressure to speak is about to blow my teeth right out of my mouth.  I think there are several points on which good old common sense is called for.

Let me begin by saying that the most important factor in this entire situation is the well being of all of Nadya’s children.  Period.  Their well being should be first and foremost in everyone’s mind.  They had no choice in their existence and should not be held responsible for, or pay the price for, anyone else’s decisions.

First:  Nadya made bad decisions.  We all know that and there is no argument about that as far as I can tell.  So, enough of the condemnation.  You can’t unring that bell.  Move on.

She obviously has issues in spades.  I don’t know much of anyone who wouldn’t when viewed through unyielding eye of the public.  The spectacular success of her last pregnancy isn’t one of them.  Yes, she was wrong to have the embryos implanted when she was obviously not able to care, by herself, for the six children she already had.  There were many other options available to her besides the implantation.  For example:  She could have used the money she spent having them implanted to store them for a longer time. 

You have to admit this one thing about it though: In no stretch of the imagination could anyone have thought that not only would all six implants take, but that two of them would split!  Add to that the fact that all eight survived and you have an astronomically cosmic coincidence.  She couldn’t have predicted the extent of that one bad decision.  No one could have.  I believe her when she said that she didn’t expect, based on her previous implants, that any of this would happen.

She needs help in a lot of areas.  However, that doesn’t make her a bad mother or a bad person.  That makes her a normal human being in abnormal circumstances.  Up until Gloria Allred and the Angels In Waiting team were removed from her house, I never heard anyone say she wasn’t a good mother.  Kids don’t care about anything except whether they are loved.  I believe her kids feel loved by her.  Yes I understand that kids need more than love, but these children aren’t going hungry or neglected.  By whatever means are being used, they are being taken care of. 


Second:  This audaciously presumptive idea there has to be “Total Transparency” in everything Nadya does.  That’s the biggest crock I’ve ever heard.  That was an idea I first heard spouted by Dr. Phil on his television show.  Usually I agree with Dr. Phil, but this time I think he’s full of it.  The last thing these children need is to have every moment of their lives debated by ignorant assholes with a media fetish  people who could care less about anything but themselves on national television day after day.  What they need is  “Total Privacy“.  That includes Dr. Phil and Gloria Allred!  Butt out!  Stop inserting yourselves into someone else’s life in order to get ratings and media attention.  The powers that be in her area are on it.  Let them do what they are supposed to do and stop trying to use her to get whatever you can for yourself out of it.


Third: Dr. Phil and Gloria Allred – I’m ashamed of both of you.  If your main concern was truly the welfare of these fourteen children, you would have quietly and without fanfare, gone to Nadya and offered her whatever help you could.  There was absolutely NO need for all of the shows done or all of the press conferences held in order to assist this mother.  I don’t blame Nadya for not wanting any of you around anymore.  If you were using me and mine the way you used her and hers, I wouldn’t want your greedy butts around me either!

Gloria Allred, what makes you think that you have a right to enter a private residence, uninvited, and then make them force you to leave?  You and your ladies could have just as easily set up a time and place away  from all the media AND THE CHILDREN you claim to want to protect, to have your little celebration, couldn’t you?  That should have been a private celebration away from the children.  The fact that you chose instead to insert yourself into someone’s private residence to do it, then make a big deal out of the fact that you had to leave is the perfect indication that your motives are less than altruistic.  Greed for the spotlight doesn’t look good on anyone, Gloria.  You should keep that in mind.

Fourth: Angels In Waiting – Your best bet would be to stop letting Gloria Allred blow smoke up your ass about how much good it would be for your organization to swoop in and “rescue” these eight preemies.  She did you NO favors.  It’s really NOT your place to “set boundaries” for a woman in her own home in regards to her own children.  The fact that you believe you have that right is frightening and speaks volumes about why you are no longer there.  Nadya’s decision to choose her own assistants seems to me a good first step towards getting a handle on what’s going on around her and her family.  “Total Transparency” is not good for her or her children.  NO one needs to try to live their life on a stage for the approval of the public.  That idea is ridiculous and dangerous, not the least reason being that the public will never approve.   And it’s not the public’s business!  What moron decided that it was?

Did it occur to any of you nice ladies that Nadya had MANY places to be every day?  She still needs to spend time with the four children who remain in the hospital, she has to spend time with the six older children every day, she has to supply food for them, she has to deal with the legal issues she now has.  IF she came home at midnight with Gap bags in hand, it is possible that midnight is the only time she HAS to shop for her children!  And regardless of whether YOU think it’s appropriate or not, she has to have a FEW moments for herself as well if she is to continue to try to care for her family.

Please, get away from Gloria “media hound” Allred.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Now, do you really think you came off well by going on a rant about the replacement of a leaking bathtub?  If she hadn’t replaced the bathtub you would have been having a fit about the unsanitary and unsafe conditions in the house……again.  You really can’t have it both ways.  Just accept the fact that it didn’t work out, you won’t come out of all this as the heros you saw yourselves being in the beginning, and let it go.  You’re embarassing yourselves by all this justification. 

Let your organization and it’s deeds speak for themselves and you’ll be fine.  I’m sure that in normal circumstances you are all fine and giving people. 


And…… on a view I have heard way too often lately by people who have the media spotlight:  Dr. Phil stated today that the legitimate press was too often quoting the internet and therefore reporting false information.      Dear God where do I start with that one? 

 1. It is the JOB of the “legitimate” media to check their facts before they report them!    If someone on the internet reported that Dr. Phil was a pedophile, wouldn’t it be the job of the “legitimate” press to check their facts before they reported it?  “I read it on the internet” isn’t really your best defence if you are “legitimate” press! 

Dr. Phil also stated that that is a “problem” with the internet, that anyone with a computer can say whatever they want to say!

2. Well DUH!  To quote YOU on your show today, “This is America!”  As far as I know, the right to free speech is still alive and well in America.  Just because you don’t agree, it doesn’t give you the right to condemn the rest of us for speaking OUR minds.  YOU do that too, Dr. Phil.  We’re not out here trying to get your show taken off the air just because you are so incredibly wrong in the way you dealt with Nadya Suleman!  OR because you make your living off the backs of desperate people who need help.  Now are we?  So you can take your dislike of the internet and those of us who speak our minds and stick it where the sun don’t shine. 


One last thing for those of you who believe that putting Nadya Suleman’s children in foster care:  You obviously have NO idea what you’re talking about.  I was awarded custody of  my grandchildren only after they spent eight months in foster care.  They were abused both emotionally and physically.  Their very blood was vilified because they had different fathers.  They were turned against each other in a way that was horrifying.  Only now, after nearly six years of weekly counseling, are they able to interact with each other in an almost normal way.  Survival instincts are very hard to undo.

The foster care mother they had no longer cares for children because, right after my grandchildren left her care, a child died.  Unattended in a bathtub.  So, unless you are going to personally guarantee the safety of these children, both physically and emotionally, STFU.  You can’t imagine the devastating effect of being wrenched from your natural parents.  No matter how bad their home was, it was home.  No matter how much you love and care for them you will never ever be their parents.  They will always long for the home they lost.  They will never feel that they totally belong.  They will always feel once removed.  Even when they understand that it was the best thing for them, you can’t take their longing for belonging away from them.  You can never take the shame of being removed from their parents away from them either. 

So, unless you feel that total emotional devastation is an acceptable price for these kids to pay for their mother’s bad decisions, please stop talking about it.  It will only hurt them when the person you really want to punish is their mother. 

I wish the best for Nadya Suleman and each and every one of her children.  So should everyone who professes to care for the welfare of those children.  And I hope that I don’t hear another word about her for a long, long time.


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  1. I think that it is a sad situation when people think first on how they could make money out of someone’s predicament than help them first. The children, their welfare and safety should be the top priority right now. People can continue to discuss the situation but if nothing is done to help the children – without the fanfare and media hullabaloo – then all talk becomes moot point.

  2. Carol says:

    People rehash this situation over and over. I think she should have adopted the babies out in pairs to stable homes where they would have a chance. Keep the six with support and direction as they are already bonded with her. But Nadya does not make realistic choices as she has a personality disorder. Besides the babies are her claim to fame money wise. She is too selfish to do the wise thing. I can not stand how she lets the older kids scream in the babies faces and she herself squeezes their faces with her freshly manicured fingernails. This whole thing is insane and nothing will be done until something bad happens.

  3. Anna says:

    I haven’t paid much attention to this situation, because frankly, it’s none of my business.

    Furthermore, I never pay attention to anything that captures the attention of Dr. Phil, in particular. A very close friend of mine whose husband was deployed to Iraq was persuaded (along with some military family friends) to participate in a Dr. Phil show on military families separated by deployment and how they coped.

    The Dr. Phil show producers showered them with gifts of dvd players, cell phones, and all sorts of non-essential items, not to mention hosted parties at Dr. Phil’s house, put them up in posh hotels, etc. Some of the families “ate up” this attention and the perks, but it became very clear to my friend that the main theme for this show was to generate “sensational pity for ratings”. She was particularly singled out and pressured to participate because not only was she home alone with three young children, but the youngest was an infant and born while her husband was deployed (and they had lost one child earlier to a very late-term still-birth during a previous deployment).

    The “circus” created in the pre-show preparations by the Dr. Phil show producers was increasingly disruptive to her family, so she backed out of it so as to not harm her children (the producers had interviewed the older children at length and without her present, pushing for sob stories about missing their daddy, etc.). She was pretty disgusted by it all and shocked at the reality behind-the-scenes.

    So I’m not surprised that Dr. Phil was rebuffed. Seems some people, even those with demonstrably bad judgement, have good judgement sometimes.

  4. Gisele says:

    Great summation. I too feel that the vilification of Nadya has been way over the top.

  5. Sharyn says:

    Kudos for going out on a limb and publishing what many people fee,l including myself. I am ashamed to be an american. The treatment of Nadya because she made bad decsions is nothing short of a modern day lynching. I fear for her during the Post Partum period, when at the best of times, a woman is predisposed to PPD. I wish all the best for Nadya and her beautiful children. As one of ten children raised by a single mother, with no help, I was surrounded by love, laughter and commitment. I wish absolutely the best for Nadya and her beautiful children.

    Gloria Allred has done more damage to her career than she will ever know. “She who casts the first stone”.

  6. Kristine says:

    jennypioh, A mother spread so thin will not be able to adeqately bond with all the children. It could cause problems for the kids. I too came from a crappy childhood with too many kids. My mother was a drug addict. I didn’t get any attention either, and I am not a sociopath either. BTW, no one helped us either, black, white, yellow or green, it didn’t matter. No one cared. I wish for our sake someone had! (I am NOT suggesting anyone here is a drug addict or serial killer, just to be clear.) Anyway, 8 preemies in this situation is different than anyone else has described. The fact is, there are not enough hours in the day.

  7. janice says:

    I enjoyed your article. I was very sorry to hear about the child who died in fostercare. I don’t believe the children should be placed in fostercare. I believe they should be placed up for adoption. The chaos in Sulemans home is not going to change because you have a mother there who is not interested in mothering her child as an adult. As someone who came from a very large family unless your there doing it its choas. My mother was very much a hands on mom and shopping was done once a week or every two weeks ..not daily or as a chance to get away. The best thing for the babies is adoption so they can get the life long bonding needed instead of waiting untill the damage is done. Painful for Nadya? I am sure she can shop that off. BTW my mother had 12 children, and I adopted a child out of fostercare. So I am not an expert but I have my own prespective of it. I applaud you for what you have done for your grandchildren. Damage isn’t always due to the fostercare itself, but from the removal of the only thing they knew as their whole world, their mother. Its easy to blame the fostercare instead of the family itself which was the reason they were placed in fostercare to begin with.

  8. Portlyric says:

    You are almost as good at justifying Nadya’s behavior as she is. Sadly we have learned enough about Nadya from her own words and behavior not to even need the media’s input. She is unbalanced and has psychological issues so severe and compelling that she is a menace to her children. When 97% of the country believes that someone is mentally ill then they probably are.

  9. indirah says:

    I totally love this blog and I wish we could somehow send it to all national medias, especially CNN, MSNB, ABC, BBC etc. Also to all the strong and famouse talk show hosts. this is truly what America and the rest of the world need to see. We all need to accept things the way they are and help these children. Kaluba, I cannot agree with you more. I was in the same situation and we never got a single aid from anyone. And if Nadya were black, Allred would not care. I wonder how many black families AIW and Gloria Allred are supporting? Nadya should not order through internet.. anyone can bug her order. if she sent out her nannies to shop, everyone would cry fowl. Every mother in entitled to raise her children how she sees fit. Nadya keep your children. Foster care is not the answer. If it was that easy, why aren´t all the children in foster homes there? Why aren´t they adopted. What is different between Nadya and the Chukwu Octos?

  10. kaluba mwansa says:

    I totally agree with your food for thought on Nadya. It is sad that Gloria Allred and AIW are just pretenders. I am African American and grew up in a home of 25 children. No one cared and no one helped.My mother was a single mum and worked as a maid. We sometimes ate one meal a day. Not a single hand came to us but somehow we survived. So why Nadya? If Nadya were black would AIW care? or Allred? the answer is no. I hate how CNN reports this whole issue and how other media´s that are supposed to fight child exploitation report this. Nadya deserves to have her children just like any other woman regardless of her background.

  11. jennypioh says:

    Kristine your very long and tenuous link from infancy to serial killers is a bit much. They are newborn babies, seriously seriously. I was never hugged never told I was loved good grades never acknowledged and the list goes on. I am empathetic to other people’s situation. I run a 100% not for profit company. Any money the company makes goes right back into the company. MY children are loved and hugged and told they are beauiful daily. My husband says I am giving them big egos. I am sorry but sometimes theirs is not to judge. If by the grace of god they all stay together as a family aside from nadya and her parents they have each other. I had aunts and uncles and 3 loving sisters and we nurtured each other. My older siblings are probably colder as they didn’t have older ones to look out for them, but sociopaths thats a stretch. I just wish all of them the best no matter what route their lives take. I am not sure how I feel about adoption and separation as I truly think it may kill NAdya so I am torn. I can only wish them well. MAny a source says there is true love and affection there. This woman just had 8 babies is under a microscope has hundreds of people outside her door. If she has post partem shame on everybody. WE created this fascination with celebrity and fifteen minutes of fame. We buy the crappy magazines we read website we watch TV shows about it and then we scream about it when someone falls victim to it all. We need to stop being fascinated with other peoples lives.

  12. Kristine says:

    Another thought that occurred to me. If a child does not bond with its mother and get sufficient attention as an infant and small child, that child will develop attachment disorder. Think about the Romanian orphanages years ago where the babies got no attention.

    I also recall hearing that many adults who are incapable of empathy for others suffer from attachment disorder due to lack of attention as infants. Many of the serial killers and other sociopaths have suffered this condition to my recollection.

    I am no expert, like I said before, but I think leaving all the kids with this mother is a bad deal all around. Yanking kids away from their mother is a bad idea in general, but this is not a typical situation. 14 kids is too many, especially with all the demonstrated problems this lady has. She obviously is not spending enough time with them if she is out shopping and getting manicures. She may deserve “me time”, but she has too many kids for that right now, and they are in a critical developmental stage.

    Foster care sounds like an awful idea for the infants. I agree with Lori and Judith that the infants should be adopted out in pairs to capable families, and soon, so that they can bond and have the attention they deserve and NEED!

  13. Catherine says:

    This woman is getting lots of money in some way. She recently bought over $1,000.00 on make-up for herself. Since the babies were born, she has also bought herself several items of new clothes, and also a lot of toys for her kids.

    Also, apparently she has had nannies even before this last birth of 8 babies. Maybe she is putting all these expenses on credit cards, but somehow she is spending more money on a lot of things than most of us, who are now a bit nervous over the economic situation of the world right now.

    It is difficult to imagine how all of this is happening.

    I do feel she is extremely mentally ill. She said in one of her blogs that she gets very little sleep … sometimes only one or two hours at night. That is a sure symptom of mental illness.

    All of these little kids certainly are in a very unusual family.

  14. Lori says:

    I agree the children did not get to choose and they must come first. I also agree that this woman likely did not expect the number of children that the pregnancy produced. However, I disagree with several points you made.

    She is not a normal person in an abnormal situation. Her entire adult life has made it very clear that she is an abnormal person dealing with an abnormal situation. The outcome cannot be good. She created 6 kids without a job and without a partner prior to turning her uterus into a clown car. She still had choices once the abnormal pregnacy waas confirmed and once the circus arrived. Unfortunantly, the state can’t takes kids away until something bad happens. So one or many of the children will need to suffer before the madness will be stopped.

    I also disagree that she needs personal time and the only time she can shop is late at night. The internet is a wonderful way to purchase just about anything one might need. She could send her hired help out to shop. This woman gave up the “right” to downtime when she chose to create this bizzare sitation, carry the pregnancy to viability and keep the babies.

    None of the children in this family will tun out normally, there are just too many strickes against them. First and foremost is a mentally ill and delusional mother who has no way capable to manage, raise and nurture 14 very young children.

    One other point I agree on: these kids don’t belong in foster care….they need to be separted in pairs and adopted to families who can better provide not only financially but also mentally and emotionaly for them to give them the best chance they can have.

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  16. Kristine says:

    I agree with Catherine that the concept of trying to get a college degree with 14 children is absurd. I am sure many of you have gone to college, so you know the amount of time commitment needed to attend class, do your reading and homework, etc. I know people who are trying to go to school with 2 or 3 kids. It takes them years and years of part time attendance to complete an associate’s degree. Even online courses would be ridiculous. Getting a degree is TOTALLY unrealistic for Nadya. The fact that she even thinks this could work is a red flag! It is just another indication that she has something wrong with the decision making and planning processes in her brain.

    Furthermore, how is she going to hold down a job of any sort with 14 children to care for? Hello, people with no kids are having hard times getting and keeping jobs right now. When I worked with 3 kids, I was always having to take time off for doctors appointments, sick kids, school issues, etc. The list is endless. I finally had to quit because I just could not do a good job at both work and parenting.

    And think of what it will be like in a household of 14 kids plus mom, grandparents and countless nannies when someone gets a cold. We have a family of 6 and no nannies, and we are out of commission some times for 2 or 3 weeks during cold and flu season. The colds go round and round the family. You can’t keep kids from touching everything and coughing and sneezing all over each other. It will be impossible! How could she possibly do her job? How would she keep the job if she was never there? Who would hire her? Absurd!

  17. Anyone says:

    Just a short comment: when my kids were newborn I organized my life so that I could be with them 24/7 (because I was committed to breastfeeding them and took bonding very seriously) and got help with the rest of the stuff. That is: I took care of the kids, did the laundry (easy), fed them. My husband did the shopping and we hired cleaning help once a week.

    I don’t think Nadya needs to shop at midnight. She can ask one of her nannies to do that and use that time for bonding.

  18. trends watch says:

    trend watch : Nadya Suleman « Thought For Food…

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  19. Catherine says:

    Nadya obviously loves her children. However, she is extremely immature and unrealistic. She thinks she will be able to care for these kids all by herself when she gets her “degree.”

    She has said that she will soon go back to school. When asked how she could do that and care for her kids, she said she would take her kids to school with her and the nursery at the school would keep them for her while she was in classes.

    It would take her all day long just to get that many kids out of the house, into the car, into car seats, and then to get them out of the car seats, out of the car, into the school, and back again.

    She doesn’t get it that this will be absolutely impossible. Babies aren’t dolls that can just be carted in and out at your convenience.

    Some will be hungry, some will need a diaper changed, some will be crying, some will be sleeping, taking each child from the car and into the school building will take another good chunk of time.

    This will simply not be possible.

  20. Kristine says:

    Hi Maria,
    I also think Gloria Allred has been acting very inappropriately. The yelling alone made me want to turn off the show. She is grating on the nerves. She seems to have good intentions but is very abrasive and intrusive. That is too bad, because it is the last thing these people need.

    Regarding our grandparents and great-grandparents and their large, pre-birth control families, I have given that some thought. A family with 14 children was not uncommon 100 years ago. There is a key difference, though. They didn’t have 14 children under the age of 8 all at once! The way it worked was, by the time you had 14 children, you had some teenagers to help out with the babies. Don’t underestimate the help you can get from older siblings when you have several little ones! I don’t know what I would do without my older daughter’s help.

    Plus, there would never have been 8 preemies back then under any circumstances. Only the healthy babies survived, not 8 children weighing less than 5 pounds!! Back then, this scenario did not exist.

    I had one preemie (he is totally fine now). He weighed 5 pounds at birth, much more than any of the octuplets currently weigh after 2 months. He was so tiny and fragile. I didn’t leave the house for 4 months for fear he would catch a germ! Multiply it by 8 and add 6 more. AHHHHHHH. I can’t see how she will do it!

    One thing she could try is buying her groceries, diapers, and baby clothes online instead of all that shopping. I live in a pretty backwater place, and even I could get groceries delivered when my kids were babies. She could also get a coffee maker instead of going to starbucks all the time! Seriously, I didn’t shop when my kids were real little because I was worried about bringing home germs. If they get sick when they are really small, it is very serious! If they get a cold before 6 weeks old, it is automatic hospitalization.

  21. Kristine says:

    I think you did a really good job summing things up with this situation. I agree with most of your points, but I have a few items that I think need additional thought.

    I am usually not so interested in sensationalistic stories, but I have 4 kids, and 3 of them are very young (5, 4, and 2). I am married, have a teenage daughter to help, own a decent house, and take care of them full time. I used to work, but quit to take care of kids after saving up some money first. I am in my 40s, and I’ve developed a lot of patience. None of my kids have developmental problems. If the situation were any different (say, no income, no help, no house, no health insurance, four times as many little kids, 8 preemies), I can’t imagine it! I know some people have more kids than I do, and I don’t see how they are still sane. My kids keep me busy constantly. When they were babies, I was a zombie! Suffice it to say, this woman has an unmanageable situation on her hands. Even if she was super organized and responsible, she would have a very hard time.

    After seeing Nadya on TV and reading about so many of the comments she has made, I understand she is under a lot of pressure. However, she appears to be prone to making one bad decision after another. She appears to be very impulsive. Refusing free nurses does not seem like a good decision, even if Gloria Alred is shoving them down your throat. Her reasons all have to do with herself, not the kids. I am not a psychologist, but she seems to have some issues. She makes me very worried for those children, which is why I think Dr. Phil keeps insisting on transparency. I wouldn’t want people spying on me, but then again, I wouldn’t have made this many bad decisions. Even if I did, I would be grateful for the free help. I might even stick it out with the free help for more than a few days.

    It does seem that she loves the children, but she has a few loose screws and a long record of poor decisions. How will she manage? I just don’t see how!

  22. Maria says:

    I am appalled at the ourbursts by Gloria Allred. The AIW should fire her. One could see the meanness in her eyes and facial expression. I am a former foster parent. A former foster son who was with us the longest from age 10 months to 5 1/2 still keeps in touch with us and visits at age 34. His mother was a drug addict and should never have got him back but the system failed him. A good foster home is hard to come by. Siblings should never be separated from each other. Nadya is not a drug addict or alcoholic. I would not be confortable with all those strangers in my home either. Nobody should point fingers at her for not being there enough. She must have had some faith in the caregivers to leave them all there with her family while she was out. I have not heard that anyone offered to do all the shopping for her family. I believe Gloria and AIW are reacting negatively because they are embaressed that they did not work out and trying to justify themselves. They all behaved badly on the Dr Phil shows this week, and grown, mature women at that! No one needs to continually punish her for the wrong choices she has made. Coping with her situation is challenge enough. Remember our grandparents, great grandparents who commonly had extra large families and the community helped each other. No CPS needed. These older children all look healthy and happy despite a few of their challenges. Now you all let her alone to be the mother she wants to be. She can and will do better without all those condemming “judges” in her face. She needs to have positive people around her in order to cope better. Seems to me the AIW people were only a hindrance to her situation. Many young moms would have already had a breakdown from all the nasty responses aimed at her. Nadya’s family needs her own family, friends and community support to keep the children together. Dr Phil was quite clear about why foster care was not appropriate for these children. Hope I hear no more from them about removing them into foster care or adoption. I wonder how the AIW’s would react if their own children were torn from them that way. We are not in a war zone here like the communist regime who tore apart millions of families sending parents into slave labour in Siberia where my own father died. Shame on the AIW! How dare they!

  23. Judith says:

    Not foster care, PERMANENT HOMES. This woman is not going to be any more capable of caring for 14 children in 5 years than she is today. Give them forever homes and families. Leave her the six that she’s already messed up and provide some state assisted help for them. Normal, two parent families, can barely cope with one autistic child. She already has three developmentally challenged children. Are we that uncaring a society?

  24. Judith says:

    How about permanent adoption for these 8 infants who have surely not had the opportunity to adequately bond with their mother. Am I daft, or is there a dire shortage of healthy, white infants sought by infertile couples in the USA, would are yearning to take one of these babies?

    Obviously, this woman is incapable of offering 14 children any of the advantages, much less the bare necessities, just by sheer numbers — unless she is subsidized for 18 years and provided paid child care for as long. It’s simply impossible for one unemployed, mentally fragile woman to raise 14 healthy children.

    The woman has 6 children who are barely being cared for as it is. Her own mother has been caring for the other 6, along with her elderly husband; and it appears that they are frantic to get out from under, understandably.

    Give these 8 hapless infants to eight deserving homes, unseal the records when they reach 18, should they wish to explore their biological roots (at least on their mother’s side). Let them have normal childhoods, loving, nurturing families, adequate attention and care, and then let them all get together for a grand reunion at age 18 on their way to college. To hell with their unstable mother.

  25. thought4food says:

    Thanks for the comment, jenny. I’m glad you agree because I was beginning to think that I was the only one who felt this way. From what I understand, the reports to CPS were about things that Nadya couldn’t control, like the papparazzi. They are a whole different story. I thought it was horrendous the way they acted when the babies came home. They are dangerous when they get in a mob like that, but how can Nadya control them when even the law can’t stop what they do?

  26. jenny pioh says:

    I have been considering creating a blog to write just this. You have expressed what many people feel. I couldn’t quite get my thoughts out as eloquently as you’ve done but they were there. Thanks for taking the time I hope other people read this. My baby was taking a nap yesterday when DrPhil was on so I just thought I would veg in front of the TV while baby sleeps. Fat Chance. Gloria and the AIW rep drove me to distraction. Like you I have read and heard and seen on TV interviewers attesting to the fact that there is no question of love the love is there. arggghhh. Its true you can’t live on love, but love is a motivator and I believe these children may have a chance. I have heard people complain about her getting a mani – pedi OMG shutup. If there is a person in the world deserving of putting her feet up its a mother of 14. Like you said we can talk sideways about suleman’s bad decisions there are babies to be taken care of. I believe she is immature and unrealistic however having said that I wish her the best and I am certain she will mature and learn and will continue to love. I was certain there was no-one out there who felt like I did. All media is reporting AIW reported her to CPS. The allegations seem like a witch hunt to me.

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