Katie Couric chaps my A$$ but the Firefighter’s Burned Children’s Fund doesn’t

I’m beginning to think that I have an unhealthy attitude regarding Katie Couric.  That little wench just chaps my ass!  I was listening to her hyper-giggling on David Letterman tonight.  They were having a discussion about television and the Internet becoming inter-connected.  Then Katie says that the Internet has become a place where just anyone with an opinion has an open forum to state them(their opinions)!  She continued with the observation that in the past people’s opinions would come into the office, be read by someone, then placed in the “round file”, meaning they would be thrown out.   Now, however, they are out there on the Internet for everyone to see.

Apparently Katie thinks that her opinions are the only ones that count.  She seems to think that those of us with a different take on things have no right to express ourselves because we aren’t whoring ourselves out to the news outlets like she does.    Personally, I believe that the good old US of A would be a far better place if we just tossed Katie Couric into the round file. 

I really need a hobby.  Or I need to stop watching the news. 

What I really need to do is stop giving her my time. 


So, on to something that doesn’t make me want to puke!

The Firefighter’s Burned Children’s Fund.  This is an organisation that gets my full support in any way I can give it.  They are fantastic.  When the area president asked me to take her place on Valentine’s Day, I happily agreed.  She had gone to one of the area elementary schools and asked them to make Valentines/Get Well cards for her.  She then got together some small gifts and put them in bags with the cards attached.  They were going to the children at the UNC -Chapel Hill burn center. 

Unfortunately she had to work that day and couldn’t go to deliver them.  So I got to do it!  MDH came with me and another guy took us in the “official vehicle.”  One of the local kids that had been burned came with us to hand out the gifts.  We had fifty gifts to distribute.  We walked through the burn unit.  MDH and I hadn’t been there since Princess Bella was there. 

The burn unit brings back a lot of distressing memories for me.  But it was for the FBCF and the kids, so I sucked it up and we went.  It was a really good experience for me.  I think it was good for MDH as well.  We understood how these people were feeling.  We understood how you get stuck inside those walls and it’s hard to remember what is going on in the outside world. 

Wow, I actually can’t write about this!  Hah!  I thought I was farther along than this.  Okay, I’m going to have to cut this a little short.  Sorry.

It was a great experience and it was good for me.  We delivered all but two of the gifts.  We gave them to everyone on the burn unit, then went to the children’s ward and gave them out there as well.  The parents were grateful, the kids were thrilled and it was a fun time for the little fella that came with us.  He found his pictures on the wall at the burn unit.  He loved the babies.  He got to do something for someone else and I believe it was good for him to be able to do that. 

Okay, now I’m all creeped out by thinking about the burn unit so I’m done for now. 

I really need a hobby!


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    Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

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