“Hate Crime” at North Carolina State University

After the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, four unidentified students at North Carolina State University spray painted racist comments in the “Free Expression Tunnel.”  The students admitted to doing it and the university police, state and federal authorities have not charged the students with any crimes at this time.

However, students at the university are calling for a “Free Expression Tunnel Hate Crime Act” in order to prevent/punish actions of this kind in the future.  The NAACP are also calling for “Hate Crime” legislation.

I find this entire incident disturbing on several levels:

1. Does anyone else find it screamingly ridiculous for them to want to censor comments made in the “Free Expression Tunnel”? Name it the “Free Expression, But Only If You Agree With The Majority , Tunnel.”  What kind of idiot thought bitching about what was written in a tunnel with that name was a good idea?  If the tunnel is NOT for free expression, don’t name it that.

2. No one reporting on, commenting about, or involved with this stupidity has yet mentioned that elephant standing in the big, fat middle of the “Free Expression Tunnel.”

3. I dislike the entire idea of a “hate crime” being legislated differently than any other crime.  What this boils down to is that people want to legislate thought and feeling.  When a citizen of this country can be prosecuted for what they think, we have ceased to live in America. 

 What ever happened to agreeing to disagree?  Every time someone with a different point of view speaks out, people want to run to the legislature to have a law passed against it.  We have come to the point that we believe we have a right NOT to be offended by what we consider wrong thought. 

 Now, let me just say that I totally think that what was written was reprehensible.  It shows the ignorance, intolerance, and stupidity of the individuals involved.  That’s my personal opinion.  They wrote their personal opinion.  I, for one, don’t want to limit they’re ability to express their opinion because when I’m successful at doing that it opens the door for someone else to limit MY ability to express my opinion. I feel that I have that right because I still live in America (for now, anyway).  One of the foundations our country was built on was that of free speech for every citizen. 

I do like the NAACP’s idea of diversity training.  But, again, that’s just me.  If I choose to become an informed, educated, sensible human being then that’s my right.  If you choose to remain an ignorant ass, that’s your right.

I have a very personal reason for not wanting this kind of hatred to spread.  I wish people could get over the idea that the melanin levels in our skin mean something about our character.  That’s my own personal little pipe dream.  As long as we have people who’s self esteem is only raised by lowering someone else, we’ll have people who dog out others for whatever reason they can find.

I think we need to lose the Law Mongering mentality and grab a clue here.  Our new President-elect is a man of mixed race!  The majority of this nation elected him.  People will grouse and fuss and argue and bitch about him just like they have every other president we’ve ever had.  The Bush’s were dogged out because they were Texans.  President-elect Obama will get dogged out because he’s mixed.  Learn to live with it. 

One last thing:  Be careful what you wish for.  All of these laws that people want to make up concerning “hate crimes” can’t be implemented to cover only what YOU want them to mean.  Eventually each and every one of you who want them will be subject to them yourselves.  Then YOU will be the one who can’t say what you think or believe or feel. 

At that point you will no longer live in the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”.


2 Responses to “Hate Crime” at North Carolina State University

  1. Skull aka MDH says:

    I had this same conversation at work the other morning because someone said that we would have to hold back comments about the new president because it could be taken as racial. I’ve bitched about every President that has been in office since I’ve been old enough to have an opinion and so have most of the people I’ve known. I learned it from my Grandma, both of them! I think some of the Presidents in our history were wrong and some were down right insults to the human race but still they were OUR Presidents! I don’t agree with a lot of our ellected officials but I respect their office. Respect is generally something that is earned but when you represent the greatest country in the world some respect should come along with the job. Just so you know I don’t hate all politicians; my favorite President was Teddy Roosevelt. He was not the “Greenest” President but he did some very “Green” Things. He siad what he meant and meant what he said. He was a man of action. He had a job before becoming President and had one after. He was not a career politician but did make a carer out of politics. Anyway I’ve strayed from that first thought; kinda funny how one thing can lead to another. Here’s two quotes and I’ll leave you be. My Grandfather said a few things that have steered my life; here are a couple. “Never trust anyone whose occupation starts with the letter “P”…… Politicians, Policemen, Preachers, Proctologists, Prosecuters, Prositutes”….you get the point and “If you want to keep your freinds, never discuss Politics or Religion!”

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