Thoughts For The Day November 7, 2008


Well, we have a new president elect.  I wish President Obama luck and success in all he tries to do that is good for this country and its’ people.

I was listening to him discuss the new puppy his family is getting when he described himself as a “mutt.”  At first it seemed humorous, but after a bit it wasn’t so much funny as painful.  I know how difficult it can be for people of mixed race, especially if it is black & white.  They rarely seem to feel like they belong to either race.  It can be a hard and lonely existence. 

It would thrill me to no end to be able to figure out a way for them to identify with allof their cultures.  It makes sense to me.  That’s what I do.  I’m German, Irish, Scotts, French, Canadian, and Asian.  I’m not sure exactly where in Asia, but it showed in my eyes a lot before my face started melting.  My eyes had a very pronounced slant.  And I can’t confirm it yet, but I have a suspicion that there are Native American genes on my father’s side. 

I embrace each and every one of those places and cultures.  Being of more than one nationality, like most people, I pick and choose which things I want to keep about a culture and which I choose not to keep.  I’m each and every one, therefore they all belong to me.  I can do with it what I will. 

I do NOT have to pick only one, because that would be denial.  I am ALL of those things and undoubtedly even more that I’m not aware of.  I am them and they are me.

Sometimes I’m very German, other times I’m a Scot through and through.  I have no problem moving from one to the other.  It seems to be harder for people of black and white mix.  Probably because of racial conflicts that are instilled in peoples’ memory. 

I hope our new president will be able to help people of mixed race to overcome some of that discomfort.  If he can go even a tiny bit in that direction he will have my vote.  (an itty bitty pun there) 



We had a great time Halloween night.  I was feeling really good so we went to the Fire Fighter’s Burned Childrens Fund haunted house.  It was CREEPY.  It was fun.  It was huge.  It took all night to get everyone in the line through the house and the woods trail.  We bugged out at about 11:30 pm.  It seemed like it had only been a few minutes that we were there. 

MDH dressed up like a scarecrow with a pumpkin head.  That sounds innocuous enough, but it was really disconcerting.  He had this HUGE pumpkin head that he got from Wally World.  He had cut the bottom out, hot glued an orangey-yellow film over the openings and put it over his head.  You really had a hard time keeping your eyes off of him. 

He went onto the woods trail and stood by a tree.  Now, MDH does Tai Chi.  So he was doing this standing exercise to keep from locking his knees and fainting, because he was exhausted from working all night the night before and getting no sleep.  When you came around the corner and saw him, it looked for all the world like he was hanging from the tree.  Everyone thought he was stuffed.  He would wait until about half of each group would go by, then slowly bend into the line and reach his hands out.  Sometimes he would speak, and sometimes not.  I have never heard grown people scream so much like little girls!  After twenty times of seeing it, it still creeped me out in the extreme to go past him.

Princess Bella was stationed at the exit door of the haunted house.  After each group would go through the haunted house, the guides would tell you that now you were going to go on the haunted trail.  You thought everything was over, you descended the back stairs of the house and stepped out onto the porch thinking that you were going to get a moment to gather yourself when BOOM!!!!  Princess Bella would scream at the top of her lungs and start making this God Awful banging.  It made you want to jump out of your skin.  And it didn’t help that she was  the perfect little Cinderella.  It just made the contrast that much more disconcerting.

The Buddha and I were the back guides on the tours.  We followed the groups through the house and trail in order to keep everyone together and to block them from running backwards off course.  It was hilarious and spooky all at the same time.  We had one group of kids that skattered in the very first room.  Before it was over, we had lost three of them.  They demanded to go back to their moms.  It was great.

I went through that house for hours, in fifteen minute intervals.  I walked my every lovin legs off.  It was great.  It took me two days to be able to stand up without groaning like I was 100 years old. 

When we left at 11:30, there were still about 100 people waiting in line to go through and more were still coming.  They were such a success that they opened it again the next night!  THAT rules!

We did the same thing we do every Halloween, we bought all of our favorite candy for the trick or treat bowl.  But we weren’t here to give it to trick or treaters, so we get to eat it all.  I guess that means that I need to learn to love my fluffy figure.  🙂


MDH got employee of the month at work.  He got a certificate, a paper with his picture on it along with a description of what he did to earn it, and a great big huge re re looking thing to hang on his rear view mirror so that he can park in the Employee of the Month parking space.  I died laughing at the parking thingie.  It’s twice the size of a handicapped card that you hang on your mirror.  He said that he wasn’t going to use it.  I don’t blame him.  I am very proud of him for getting this honor because he deserves it.  Congrats, MDH!

The Buddha and Princess Bella both got honor roll on their report cards.  I’m proud of both of them because I see how hard they work everyday to get good grades.  We had a special dinner when they got their report cards in order to celebrate.  I love it when a plan comes together.

I went grocery shopping.  I know this doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment.  But……when they rang up my groceries it came to $249 and change.  After all my coupons and discounts and such it was $164 and change.  I really like that.  A guy in the line behind me said that if it didn’t stop taking money off, that they were going to end up having to pay ME for buying groceries.  Kinda made me feel good.

My daughter and son-in-law both have their child support set up.  I’ll start getting it this month.  Considering all of the circumstances, that is one hell of an accomplishment for both of them.  I’m happy and the kids will be too.

Rocky has settled into her house.  I am happy for her but I miss having her here.  I know that she’s only a few feet away but it’s not the same.  She gets more familiar with her surroundings every day. 

So, that’s us.  That’s what’s going on up here on the hill.  That and the leaves are changing.  MDH and I pulled onto the Lane today and a breeze was blowing.  It sent the leaves falling down around us.  It was snowing leaves.  It was a beautiful sight to see and it made a memory that I won’t forget for many years to come. 

I love autumn.


PS……Click on the Bloggers Unite badge to the right and read about how you can help.  Then come back here on Novemeber 10th to read my blog post on refugees.  Better yet, write your own and we can read each other’s posts.


3 Responses to Thoughts For The Day November 7, 2008

  1. thought4food says:

    ROFL…….I’m not sure but I’ll check it out! I’d be da bomb then, wouldn’t I?

  2. MDH says:

    Damn! You keep shopping like that and I wont need that part time job! Good job! Can you do the same thing when shopping for guns and tools or maybe motorcycle parts?

  3. […] I was feeling really good so we went to the Fire Fighter’s Burned Childrens Fund haunted house . It was CREEPY. It was fun. It was huge. It took all night to get everyone in the line through the house and the woods trail. …[Continue Reading] […]

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