Various and Sundry

It’s Monday morning.  It’s very quiet here.  Because the kids don’t have school today, The Buddha is off spending as much time as humanly possible away from home.  He squeezes every ounce of away time out of vacations.  He’s becoming a …oh I can’t say it!…..teenager.  The entire idea just gives me the willies. 

I was just watching the news and they were telling about a dog that refused to leave a burning house until the baby kittens he was watching were rescued.  He was overcome by smoke and had to be treated.  That dog rules.  I know first hand just how loudly your survival instincts scream at you when you’re in a burning house.  That he stayed was remarkable and that he lived to be a hero is justice. 

Princess Bella has a friend named Hannah.  In actuality she has about ten friends named Hannah but I’m only talking about one of them here.  This particular Hannah is a tough little cookie.  She is the only girl in a family full of boys.  Same as me.  In consequence she is a tomboy and she’s not afraid of anything.  I like her.  Therefore I pick on her relentlessly.  She doesn’t know it though.  What I do is say her name backwards all the time and she never even knows it!  One day she’ll figure it out and I’ll be in trouble.

Our oldest daughter, Bertie, used to have twin boys in her class.  Their names were Carter and Retrac.  WTF?  I mean how lazy is that, to give them the same name and just spell one backwards?  If I were Retrac, I’d be pissed!  I have no idea if they have the same middle name. 

Sunday morning at 6:20 a.m. MDH’s firehouse pager went off.  Two teenage girls were found in a creek bed off the side of the road.  One of them was pinned inside of the vehicle, which was overturned.  There was no obvious smell of alcohol.  The drove straight off the road, never hit brakes or anything.  The girl who was pinned under the car has a head injury and was flown via Life Flight to a bigger hospital in another town.    Last I heard, texting while driving was the suspected cause of the accident.  So, in the interests of public safety and just because becoming preventably retarded at the age of seventeen sucks a big green weenie, those of you who text while driving……..CUT THAT OUT!!!!!  

The movie “There Will Be Blood” is strange.  I’m going to watch it again just to make sure, but I’m fairly certain that it’s strange.  I didn’t really get it.  However, after watching it and seeing how it went, I’m also glad I didn’t get it.  I liked the sign language in it.  We’re re-instituting sign language Wednesdays at our house.  It made me happy that I could tell what the main character’s son was saying before the interpreter spoke. 

Okay, my brain is now empty.  So is my belly.  Let’s go have some breakfast, alright?  Alright.


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