On Why You Should Eat Dirt

I wrote apn article one time on Helium about my Multiple Sclerosis being caused by me being so clean my immune system had nothing to do.  Being an honest, hard working immune system, it decided that in order to earn its keep, it would therefore attack me.  Ha Ha, right?  Apparently, not so much.

I just read an article saying pretty much the same thing.  It stated that research recently done has found that it’s possible that people not exposed to the usual round of childhood illnesses and diseases, combined with the pathological (my word not theirs) cleanliness nowadays, has caused immune systems to delvelope differently.  Holy crap! 

So, eat some dirt!  Let your kids play with the kid that has a cold.  And for God’s sake PLEASE stop running around with those damn hand sanitizers!  I just want to slap those damn things out of people’s hands when I see them! 

You are weakening your immune system to the point of non-existence by doing that.  You have an immune system for a reason.  It fights off disease, and immunizes you against further attack against the virus in the future.  If it has nothing legitimate to do, it WILL find something, take my word for it. 

And in case it hasn’t blipped your radar, children who have had measles don’t require a booster case of measles at college age in order to keep from contracting it then!  That immunization lasts a lifetime.  Which means that the pseudo-immunization that you get from vaccinations doesn’t exactly count.  My guess is that the reason for the booster is because a vaccine is a mild version and your immune system creates a mild immunization to a trumped up virus.  It responds in kind.

MS and other autoimmune diseases are much more common in women.  They’re not sure why but, you guessed it, I have a theory.  It’s because men spend much more time outdoors and get much more dirty.  It was a man who invented the five second rule.  Men eat with dirty hands.  Men don’t contract as many autoimmune diseases because men have developed their immune systems much more naturally than women.  

Unless you’re in the sewer and you drop your sandwich, or it falls in a pile of buffalo poop, lose the terror of the germs.  They’ve been here longer than you.  They’ll outlast us all.  Forget about the segregation idea, you can’t live separate from them.  You can’t get rid of the germs!  They live on you 24/7/365.  They live IN you.  They live all around you.  They aren’t going away. 

When human beings first started being human beings we ate dead animals that weren’t even cooked.  We slept in the dirt.  We wore…well probably nothing for a long time, but after that we wore animal skins,  we sat on the ground, our tools were all made of stone, we didn’t have soap.  And we lived in that state for thousands and thousands of years.  We had no Ebola, no MARFAN, no black plague, no influenza.  If we had, humans would have been wiped out.  Or if we did, we had some kick ass immune systems that kept that wipe out from happening. 

What does that tell you about dirt and about being dirty?  Something to think about while you’re tossing out that freaking hand sanitizer.


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