Guitar Hero Causes Stupidity In Young People

I’ve had this notion stirring around in my head lately and it’s beginning to come into focus.  So, since it’s not fully formed yet, I decided to write it down.  You know me, I can’t ever wait until it’s right.

I’ve finally figured out why it is that (I hesitate to used this expression, you’ll see why) “the younger generation” think that they should begin their careers at the top of a corporation instead of at the bottom and working their way up.  It’s Guitar Hero’s fault.  Yep, you read me right.  Guitar Hero and every other video game that let’s you think you can play guitar, fly a plane, fire a machine gun, etc. without ever having any real experience with any of these things. 

I can sort of play a guitar.  I say sort of because I know how to make about eight chords and I can fram on the strings.  I can’t pick.  I can’t do any of the more complicated chords, I can’t do any real playing.  I play well enough to satisfy myself and most drunks who are listening for free.  I know what it took to learn just that little bit.  I know what it takes to get back to doing it again when I’ve let that guitar sit for awhile, too.

I’ve fired a machine gun.  (Let me just say that it was an exhilarating experience.  I blew the holy hell out of the tops of some young timber!)  You don’t just pick one up and fire it well.  An XBox 360 cannot give you anything even remotely resembling a real feeling for what it’s like. 

    (I’ve never flown a plane.  I’ve ridden on one.  That’s it.  I like the riding, for the most part but I’m not real keen on the taking off or landing part.  It just gives me the willies!  The most primitive part of my brain starts talking to me during those times in a language that has been dead for many millions of years, asking me what the hell I am thinking, allowing myself to be hoisted up off the ground in a flying machine.  It all just gives me the ooobla doooblas big time.)

Younger people have a tendency to believe that having played Guitar Hero, they can play guitar.  Having flown an airplane on a video game, they can fly a plane.  It takes only a few hours to make a lot of progress on Guitar Hero or any other video games.  It seems easy.  After twenty hours of Guitar Hero, you’ve mastered the entire disk, opened every song, every video, bought everything available in the store.  Hell you’re a total ROCK STAR Baby!!!!!! 

Therefore, after four years of college, they should be able to be the CEO of a major corporation, right?  I mean, damn!  They put in four years already!!!!!!!   That should buy them at least the President of a major corporation!  What is this “start at the bottom and work your way up” crap, anyway?  They believe that having gone to college, they have already put in the work.  Going to college IS the work. 

Video games like Guitar Hero give them the impression that they can DO something that, unless they’re a prodigy, takes tons of hard work and dedication.  It gives them the impression that there is a shortcut to something that actually takes time and experience.  It’s no wonder that they come out of high school and college thinking that they can all start at the top. 

This whole thought process is prevalent in young people today.  It’s a common thread throughout their lives.  The appearance of accomplishment as opposed to actual accomplishment is easier.  I can feel like I can play the guitar with Guitar Hero instead of putting in the time and effort required to actually learn to play the guitar.  The problem is that the world doesn’t hold with the same belief system.  The disappointment and disenchantment that follows is sad.

Parents: Teach your kids to work towards the things they want.  Don’t hand them a car, let them work towards one.  Don’t hand them a cell phone, let them help pay the bill on theirs.  Help them plan for what they want and help them reach that goal.  Give them a reality check.  You’ll be doing them a far bigger favor than you will if you just hand it to them when they ask for it.  I’ll do it if you will!


**I almost said that kids today don’t know what hard work is.  That back in MY day…….but then I started hearing this echo in my head.  It was my parents and their parents and their parents parents.  It got really disconcerting.  But it was kinda like being high on drugs too so I kept on for a while and then deleted it all.


****** Just so you know I LOVE Guitar Hero and could kick ALL your asses at it!  Don’t make me prove it.


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