New Spam Ingredients

Wow!  I just checked in to see how things are going back here at the old homestead and what do I find?  Fifteen spam comments.  This is not my normal volume.  So I go to check them out and I find that I have a new list of spam ingredients!  Woo hoo!

Normally all they want is to enlarge my penis(huh?), or for me to watch their teenage hot sex monkey slapping dog videos.  But this time i had a surprise:  Mortgage offers, loan offers, home loan credit counseling, and so much more!  AND to top it all off, instead of being filled with a bazillion letters that have no meaning in any language, these have “actual” seeming comments with them.  I shall paraphrase:  hey i was surfing the web looking for home equity information and I came across your article “Thought for Food”.  I didn’t really understand the article so I guess I’ll have to look it up.   This is followed by a list of sites you can click and go to their site. 

These folks are going the extra mile here.  The comments, at first glance, sound almost real unless you check the context.  I guess it’s a form and your blog name is inserted into the blank.  Which almost makes me want to start a new blog with names that would amuse me if inserted into the blank:    “Hey I was searching for information on home equity loans and your article “Scared me so bad that my lunch” came up.  I guess I need to do more research because I don’t know that much about it. ”

I’m sure everyone is getting the new and improved version of spam with the added ingredients of a comment that is actual words strung together into a sort of sentence.  I like the financial spam better than the sex spam.  I was about to say that I could play with the financial spam better than the sex spam but that sounded kinda kinky so I won’t say it. 

Anyway, it’s a nice change from the usual “watch as a rock hard coal truck is inserted into my glistening, pulsating, wet, hot orifice” spam.  At least they took the time to come up with an actual sentence, even if it does sound stupid when you read it.


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