Another Female In Military In North Carolina Missing*UPDATE*

What is it, open season on female military personnel in North Carolina?  After Cesar Laurean murdered Maria Lauterbach and Christina Laurean helped him escape, you’d think that would be enough, but noooo. 

Next comes some nut job claiming to be a serial killer who murders another pregnant marine, Megan Touma.  Megan was found dead in a hotel room after failing to report to her unit.  Now mind you, the people at Fort Bragg did not immediately go looking for her.  She had been missing for nine days before being found… a maintenance worker at the hotel she was staying at!   She was not declared AWOL by her unit commanders at Bragg.  Because, for some strange reason, each unit commander has the discretion of when to declare a soldier AWOL!  How bout that?  In the military, the most regimented place you can be, (pun intended) and they have no set rules about when to declare someone AWOL.  By declaring her AWOL they would have begun the paperwork,  therefore allowing both military and civil authorities to search for her.  That might have been the difference between life and death for Megan Touma.  There had only been a “Do Not Disturb” sign on her door for four days when she was found.  She might have been found alive if they had looked for her.

One more little side note here: The killer wrote a letter to the police admitting to her killing.  They have a “person of interest”, but have not put that person in custody.  Wanna know what they said about him?  “He’s not considered a flight risk.  And anyway, if he runs, we’ll just go pick him up.”  Um….WTF did they say?  Is there an echo in here?  Didn’t they say the same thing about our old friend Cesar Laurean?  And they STILL haven’t gone to pick HIM up!  My advice for them is this:  GET THE MAN IN CUSTODY NOW BEFORE YOU LOSE ANOTHER ONE.  Everyone is a flight risk when it comes to a murder charge.


NOW we have a third military female missing, Holly Lynn Wimunc, an army officer working as a nurse at Fort Bragg.  The apartment she shared with her husband had been set on fire but had burned itself out before anyone noticed it.  (I am stunned at this.  I wish MY house fire had burned itself out before anyone noticed it!)   Holly Lynn had filed for an order of protection against her husband, John Patrick Wimunc a marine from Fort Bragg, on May 17th, 2008 stating that he had thrown her around their apartment, thrown her to the floor, choked her, held a loaded 9mm to her head and threatened to kill her, then held it to his own head and threatened to kill himself.  Holly Lynn failed to show up at her job so people from her unit came to check on her.  I guess the folks at Bragg have learned something from the first two.  STOP WAITING FOR WEEKS BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING!

 Someone needs to send a battalion of psychiatrists down to Fort Bragg and make everyone take a mental physical.




Holley Lynn Wimunc’s charred remains were found in a shallow grave near Sneads Ferry, NC on Sunday July 13, 2008.  Her husband John P. Wimunc has been charged with her murder and another marine has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder in connection with her death.  They are both charged with arson as well.  Both are in custody at this time.


10 Responses to Another Female In Military In North Carolina Missing*UPDATE*

  1. Geraldo says:

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  3. @squarevegetables says:

    that guy who lives above them in the apt made a good comment. let’s just stick w/ the two sides to every story. don’t tell me john wasn’t psychotic. he was out-there in real life as well.

  4. dlm says:

    even if they were both nuts… she didn’t deserve to be cut up into pieces and set on fire. this was someones baby girl, even if she a 2nd lt.. now her children with be motherless and why? because he could’nt stand to see anyone else with her? she made him mad? way to go usmc, strong morals there, the few the proud, my a**. guess his parents feel like fools now… oh no, not out baby, he’s never harm holly. yeah right, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors, besides, john and holly, but hey thats okay, it’ll 2 years until he goes to trial, he’ll get life with no parole, and we’ll feed and house him for 60 years

  5. do not contact me says:

    I knew both John and Holley, I live on the 3rd floor of the apartment building that was evacuated. In my opinion, they were both psychotic and stupid in their own right, now it seems John moreso than Holley. The fact that they are military has nothing to really do with it, they had serious marital problems that went out of control. I did not like Holley much and I took John’s side on the whole divorce thing(there is more to it than “abuse” claims), but I do not think she ever deserved that. She had two cute children that seemed to like John and John actually regarded them as his own, not “step-kids”, so it is hard to comprehend that he killed her, the mother of his two children. What I can’t stand to see is the media getting things wrong and throwing things out of whack, even though I don’t have a shadow of a doubt that he did it. That is all I would like to say. My heart goes out to her family in the time of their tragedy.

  6. @squarevegetables says:

    they found her remains near camp lejuene. and are charging her husband and onther marine for arson.

  7. thought4food says:

    @squaredvegetables: I stand corrected.

    1. HOLLEY Lynn Wimunc (an Army officer based at Fort Bragg)
    2. HOLLEY’s husband is stationed at Camp Lejune NOT Fort Bragg like I said.
    3. Megan Touma was an Army Spc. stationed at Fort Bragg.
    4. Maria Lauterbach was a marine stationed at Camp Lejune.

    I appreciate your help in clarifying my mistakes because I wouldn’t want something that trivial to detract from the main focus of this writing, which was to highlight the recent rash of military women in North Carolina who have either been murdered or are now missing, hence the title of this writing. I find this distressing in the extreme, @squaredvegetables.

    I did NOT say that the person who claimed responsibility for Megan Touma’s murder was after pregnant women. I apologize if I was unclear on that. He/she claimed to be a serial killer. He/she claimed to have killed the pregnant woman, Megan Touma. I did not say he stalked her, or anyone else. I believe my punctuation failed me on this count.

    I am confused by your comment about “the army officer that is missing”, who’s name you helped me correctly spell. That would be HOLLEY, right? What makes you think she’ll stay missing due to the distance between the two bases? I don’t get the connection between the distance and whether or not she’ll be found. Could you be a little more specific?

    angel: I agree with everything you said. She could have made herself go missing. I thought about it after I posted this and I regret that I didn’t add that the restraining order didn’t mean that her husband had anything to do with her disappearance. Odds are against him, but those are just odds and in the scheme of things they mean nothing. I have no opinion, yet, about him or his possible involvement with her disappearance. It was included in the news articles I read and I included it here with no comment.

    cynsational: As far as I know there is no Iraq connection. We have no idea who killed Megan Touma, and we have no idea WHAT happened to HOLLEY Lynn Wimunc, so we have no way to know what the reasons are behind what’s going on. The only connection between the women seems to be that they are in the military in North Carolina. I still believe, since two of the women were working at Fort Bragg, that the concern over it is valid. I hope for the best for your daughters. You must be VERY proud of them!

    As far as Maria Lauterbach and Megan Touma both being pregnant, the stats show that the last trimester is the most dangerous for a pregnant woman. And there have been an alarming number of women, in their last trimester of pregnancy, who have been murdered in NC in the past five years or so. It’s creepy but I don’t think it’s significant unless the reason for the murder of Megan Touma has to do with her pregnancy. Last I heard, the identity of her baby’s father is not something she made publicly known. So, who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see.

  8. angel says:

    @squarevegetables: wow, you sure got a lot of good details there. u almost sound like a reporter, a military OR a person of interest.

    So, would you think that perhaps HOLLEYs body is between one hour away from home and two hours?

    Part of me is even wondering if she is deceased. Sounds like she had a flake for a hubby. If I saw the correct pic of him, he is an abuser. The only way to escape a nutjob like him is to actually die or to fake ones death. Extreme, I know, but it’s done all the time. Sometimes successfully too.

  9. squarevegetables says:

    uh. read things before you post.

    the MARINE wimunc was stationed at a MARINE base in NC, not ft bragg. the 2nd military women you speak of is NOT A MARINE. stupid facts i know. but if you’re going to go off on something.. get it right.

    one marine was killed near the marine base camp lejuene
    one army soldier was killed near the army base ft bragg
    one army officer is missing from near ft bragg, and her husband is stationed at camp lejuene.

    if this was a serial killer after pregos… megan touma had just gotten here, no time to stalk a newb. the prego marine’s killer was found. i’m pretty sure that the army officer that is missing will stay missing as there are 2 hours between these bases.

    btw…. you spelled HOLLEY’s name wrong

  10. cynsational says:

    I agree! WTF is going on at Ft. Bragg? They seriously need some psyche docs to evaluate the pattern there. Are these guys that are doing this stuff recent Iraq vets? Are they taught to kill, kill, kill but dont understand when they are supposed to? I think the ARMY & MARINES need to get going on this. I remember just a few years ago there was a rash of murders from returning soldiers. Is this whats going on here? This is ridiculous and needs to stop. I have two military daughters and now am more worried about their safety at their home bases rather than in Iraq..

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