*UPDATE* Spc. Megan Touma Murder ** News Conference Held *UPDATE*

July 30, 2008

An arrest has been made in the murder of Spc. Megan Touma, the pregnant Fort Bragg soldier who was found dead in the bathtub of a Fayetteville, North Carolina motel in June. 

At about 6:00 PM Tuesday July 29, 2008 Fayetteville Police took Edgar Patino, 27, into custody at the home he shares with his wife in Hope Mills, NC.  Patino is a soldier studying psychological warfare at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School, which is part of Army Special Operations at Fort Bragg.  He is being held in the Cumberland County Jail under charges of first degree murder in the death of Megan Touma.

Police stated previously that someone had been questioned at the Special Warfare School.  It has now been confirmed that Patino was that person.


Police have now confirmed that Edgar Patino is the father of Megan Touma’s unborn baby.  The two served in Germany together until Patino was returned to Fort Bragg. 

The press conference that was held this morning will be re-broadcast at 2:00 pm on WRAL-TV’s website: http://wraltv.com


Bella, Lassie, and the Chicken Biscuit

July 29, 2008

My Dearest Husband occasionally brings home biscuits for breakfast.  Since he works 3rd shift and he passes every food place in town on the way home he can do this without too much trouble.  He does it just often enough to make it special.  We all love it.

Today he brought us home biscuits for breakfast.  Bella got her usual chicken biscuit.  She, according to her, will only eat fried chicken.  Having said this, I can cut up anything at all and tell her it’s fried chicken and she will then eat it.  Anyway, she loves chicken biscuits, so MDH got her one.

When she woke up to her’s she was ecstatic!  She asked where it came from.  MDH, never one to tell a simple story, told her that Lassie woke up this morning.  Sensing that Bella would be jonesing for a chicken biscuit for breakfast, Lassie ran down the road to the store and whined.  The store keeper listened to Lassie and said, “What, Lassie?  Bella is hungry?  And she needs a biscuit?”  To which Lassie whined some more.  The shopkeeper listened again then said, “What, Lassie?  Not just any old biscuit will do?  Bella has to have a fried chicken biscuit?  Okay then, I’ll make her one right away!” 

Lassie whined to the shopkeeper some more.  To which the shopkeeper replied, “What did you say Lassie?  Toss in four more biscuits?”  Lassie whined a bit more.  The shopkeeper said, “Any old biscuits will do for the rest of the family, eh?  Okay Lassie.  Should I just put this on your bill?” 

Lassie whined one last time and the shopkeeper said, “You’re welcome, Lassie.  You have a great day too!”  Then he handed Lassie the bag of biscuits and Lassie ran out the door just as MDH pulled up.  Lassie jumped in the truck and they pulled out and drove home together.  They got there just in time to surprise Bella with a piping hot fried chicken biscuit just as she woke up for breakfast!

After listening to this whole long story in wide eyed wonder, Bella’s only reply was, “Who is Lassie?”




For those of you too young to remember, Lassie was the single most intelligent being on a farm in TV land back in the LONG AGO.  The family he lived with THOUGHT  they were smart but Lassie had them all beat in the smarts department by a country mile.  And every human for miles around understood that when Lassie came whining it meant that some dumb ass had gotten themselves into trouble.  The dumb ass was usually Timmy, Lassie’s “owner”.  There is some controversy as to who actually owned whom.  Considering the fact that Lassie took way better care of Timmy than Timmy took of Lassie, I feel that Lassie was the dominant character here.  That’s just my opinion.

Also, Lassie could convey vast amounts of information in that whine.  It was amazing!  All my dogs can do is look at me stupidly then five seconds later pee on my floor.  There is none of that “Lassie” type of information-passing going on here.  I mean, if Bella or The Buddha were to fall into a well, I would find out about it because all of the dogs would be milling about aimlessly near the well.  No one would come to me whining in a meaningful way.  No one would come to me and bark out that I needed to get a rope to pull them out, no not a hemp rope, a nylon rope.  They might come and lift their leg on my foot just for kicks and giggles but that’s about the extent of it.

DeeDee can do some tricks.  If I say we’re going to be rich, she will stick her nose up in the air.  If I tell her that daddy farted, she will cover her face with her paws.  She can sit, stand, lay down, dance and box.  That’s it.  No saving lives, no communicating complex information, no giving directions to out of the way places.  Just your average everyday dogs. 

Lassie was one of a kind.  Google her.  Maybe we can get a Lassie revival going.  Because to be honest, it made me feel old as hell when Bella asked that question.  And I didn’t like it.  Not one little bit!

New Spam Ingredients

July 26, 2008

Wow!  I just checked in to see how things are going back here at the old homestead and what do I find?  Fifteen spam comments.  This is not my normal volume.  So I go to check them out and I find that I have a new list of spam ingredients!  Woo hoo!

Normally all they want is to enlarge my penis(huh?), or for me to watch their teenage hot sex monkey slapping dog videos.  But this time i had a surprise:  Mortgage offers, loan offers, home loan credit counseling, and so much more!  AND to top it all off, instead of being filled with a bazillion letters that have no meaning in any language, these have “actual” seeming comments with them.  I shall paraphrase:  hey i was surfing the web looking for home equity information and I came across your article “Thought for Food”.  I didn’t really understand the article so I guess I’ll have to look it up.   This is followed by a list of sites you can click and go to their site. 

These folks are going the extra mile here.  The comments, at first glance, sound almost real unless you check the context.  I guess it’s a form and your blog name is inserted into the blank.  Which almost makes me want to start a new blog with names that would amuse me if inserted into the blank:    “Hey I was searching for information on home equity loans and your article “Scared me so bad that my lunch” came up.  I guess I need to do more research because I don’t know that much about it. ”

I’m sure everyone is getting the new and improved version of spam with the added ingredients of a comment that is actual words strung together into a sort of sentence.  I like the financial spam better than the sex spam.  I was about to say that I could play with the financial spam better than the sex spam but that sounded kinda kinky so I won’t say it. 

Anyway, it’s a nice change from the usual “watch as a rock hard coal truck is inserted into my glistening, pulsating, wet, hot orifice” spam.  At least they took the time to come up with an actual sentence, even if it does sound stupid when you read it.

Holley Lynn Wimunc – Charred Remains Found**UPDATE**

July 14, 2008

According to WRAL-TV this morning – Forrestry crews fighting a brushfire on Sunday July 13, 2008, found a shallow grave containing charred human remains near Sneads Ferry, NC.  Holley Lynn Wimunc’s family issued a statement confirming that the remains belonged to Holley.

You can read the statement issued this morning by Holley’s father, Jesse James, here:  http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/3201023/  .

Holley’s husband, John Wimunc, has been charged with first degree arson for setting fire to her apartment.  Another marine, Kyle Alden, has also been charged.

Forresty service crews were fighting a brushfire near Sneads Ferry, NC when they stumbled across the shallow grave containing the remains of Holley Lynn Wimunc.  Sneads Ferry is near Camp Lejeune.

You can visit: http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/3200960/ to read the entire story on WRAL-TV, as well as watch video of the news coverage of this sad story.

Our thoughts are with the Wimunc family today.



As of 5:00 PM this afternoon, John P. Wimunc has been charged with the murder of his estranged wife, Holley Lynn Wimunc.  Another marine, Kyle Alden, has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Another Female In Military In North Carolina Missing*UPDATE*

July 11, 2008

What is it, open season on female military personnel in North Carolina?  After Cesar Laurean murdered Maria Lauterbach and Christina Laurean helped him escape, you’d think that would be enough, but noooo. 

Next comes some nut job claiming to be a serial killer who murders another pregnant marine, Megan Touma.  Megan was found dead in a hotel room after failing to report to her unit.  Now mind you, the people at Fort Bragg did not immediately go looking for her.  She had been missing for nine days before being found…..by a maintenance worker at the hotel she was staying at!   She was not declared AWOL by her unit commanders at Bragg.  Because, for some strange reason, each unit commander has the discretion of when to declare a soldier AWOL!  How bout that?  In the military, the most regimented place you can be, (pun intended) and they have no set rules about when to declare someone AWOL.  By declaring her AWOL they would have begun the paperwork,  therefore allowing both military and civil authorities to search for her.  That might have been the difference between life and death for Megan Touma.  There had only been a “Do Not Disturb” sign on her door for four days when she was found.  She might have been found alive if they had looked for her.

One more little side note here: The killer wrote a letter to the police admitting to her killing.  They have a “person of interest”, but have not put that person in custody.  Wanna know what they said about him?  “He’s not considered a flight risk.  And anyway, if he runs, we’ll just go pick him up.”  Um….WTF did they say?  Is there an echo in here?  Didn’t they say the same thing about our old friend Cesar Laurean?  And they STILL haven’t gone to pick HIM up!  My advice for them is this:  GET THE MAN IN CUSTODY NOW BEFORE YOU LOSE ANOTHER ONE.  Everyone is a flight risk when it comes to a murder charge.


NOW we have a third military female missing, Holly Lynn Wimunc, an army officer working as a nurse at Fort Bragg.  The apartment she shared with her husband had been set on fire but had burned itself out before anyone noticed it.  (I am stunned at this.  I wish MY house fire had burned itself out before anyone noticed it!)   Holly Lynn had filed for an order of protection against her husband, John Patrick Wimunc a marine from Fort Bragg, on May 17th, 2008 stating that he had thrown her around their apartment, thrown her to the floor, choked her, held a loaded 9mm to her head and threatened to kill her, then held it to his own head and threatened to kill himself.  Holly Lynn failed to show up at her job so people from her unit came to check on her.  I guess the folks at Bragg have learned something from the first two.  STOP WAITING FOR WEEKS BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING!

 Someone needs to send a battalion of psychiatrists down to Fort Bragg and make everyone take a mental physical.




Holley Lynn Wimunc’s charred remains were found in a shallow grave near Sneads Ferry, NC on Sunday July 13, 2008.  Her husband John P. Wimunc has been charged with her murder and another marine has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder in connection with her death.  They are both charged with arson as well.  Both are in custody at this time.

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