I Won………I Won………..I Won……….YEEEE HAWWWWW!!!!

Okay, so I was over at http://blahblahbex.wordpress.com/ visiting and bex had this contest.  It’s the Bloggers Pay It Forward Contest.  And I WON!!!!!!!  This is most cool because I have won something like maybe 3 times in my whole entire life! 

I was way diginified when I won too because I only danced on the furniture for seven minutes.  Then the dogs started crying, so I stopped. 

And to put the icing on the cake I got my prize…….YES I said prize!!!…….in the mail today!!!!  I should say prizes because I got all kinds of way cool stuff from Bex.  She sent me a yummy soy bar, some nummyfied looking red swedish fish that I can’t wait to try, an awesome liquid silver paint marker that looks great on DeeDee’s fingernails, two moleskin notebooks in different sizes that will come in WAY handy because I have to write EVERYTHING down so I won’t forget because I have brain damage,  and these ever so nifty wine glass ID tags, so that you won’t pick up the wrong glass in your drunken state.  These will come in more handy than ever you can imagine when we are drinking those mixed drinks that the neighbors come up with on the weekends.  PLUS, Bex sent the sweetest note with it, too.

Now, we get to have a contest here too!  YAY!!!!!  All I have to do is figure out what the contest is going to be about.  Oh boy!  Oh gosh!  Decisions decisions!

Anyway, I wanted to thank Bex for the way cool prizes and for picking me to be one of the winners of the contest!  Also I wanted to tell yall to drop by to visit her, cuz she is way cool and her site is awesome! 

So, be watching because I have sent out feelers to see what our Bloggers Pay It Forward Contest should be about.  Plus, I need some time to find some equally cool prizes to give out. 


2 Responses to I Won………I Won………..I Won……….YEEEE HAWWWWW!!!!

  1. Danny Vice says:

    humm…. Okay…. I was thinking of running a contest….. winner wins me as a slave boy for and entire day….But guess what. You win. Contest over. You WON. =)

    That makes 4 things you’ve won in your life now. Congratulations. =)


  2. That’s so great! It is nice to see that people actually win things!! 🙂 Congrats

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