This Post Might Get Me Kicked Out Of The Girl Club

My Dearest Husband and I went to Lowes today.  If you’ve ever read my blog, you might know that going there can sometimes lead me to have a schizoid brain fart, overload seizure kinda thingie.  Luckily we weren’t in there long and that didn’t happen today.

What did happen was this:  I saw what could possibly be the coolest toolbox on earth.  I mean this baby had it all!  Let me start by saying that it plugged in.

That alone got me all revved up. Then we opened the top… had headlights. You heard me right. Lights in the top of it. But wait…what is that in the corners? Are they…they are! Speakers! For the Pioneer Stereo system that is built in. Whoa! That is just about more than my brain can process.

But it gets better. I know what you’re thinking……How could it possibly get better than this? Well, I’ll tell you. After we got done drooling over all of that, we were looking through the drawers and what should we see at the bottom of this glorious piece of stainless and blue heaven? A freakin refrigerator! I shit you not. A damn refrigerator in a toolbox!

This thing had more built in stuff than my first house. We looked at each other, looked back at the toolbox, then looked at each other again. It was just too amazing for words. And just as an added extra benefit, there on the side are these inset hooks that lean out when you push the bottom in. They are for hanging your coat, shirt, whatever on.

It brought tears to my eyes. All you needed was to curl up on the top shelf and you could live in it. I have to give it to Kobalt. They put together the ultimate toolbox this time. The only thing it didn’t have was a toilet, and seriously, who wants that in your toolbox anyway?

Now, for the really amazing part. If you know anything at all about toolboxes, you know that they are priced like they are all made out of diamonds and platinum with gold encrusted jewel encased naked women inside every one. Toolbox makers are PROUD of their stuff, and they price their toolboxes accordingly. So we were ready to start crying when we looked at the sticker. We almost did too, but not because it cost so much.

It was $1600.00. That’s right, rub your eyes and look again. And I didn’t even tell you everything it had, I only told you the BEST things it had! I think Hell finally froze over and this is what came of it.

So, I told MDH that it’s the thought that counts and that I was thinking just as hard as I could that if I had $1600 bucks, I would surely get him that toolbox. And he said thanks, because that was the best gift he never got. I said he was welcome and we happily left Lowes while my head was still functioning properly. Or as properly as it gets, anyway.

If you get a chance, you should go look at it. Even if you don’t like toolboxes, it’s a sight to see.


4 Responses to This Post Might Get Me Kicked Out Of The Girl Club

  1. thought4food says:

    It still makes me shiver a little bit whenever I think about it, Quint C. Man that baby was sure awesome. And I never even saw it hooked up. I can just imagine on a dark night, in a cold garage, flipping the switch and seeing those lights come on, hearing the music blast, watch the heat start making that bad boy start to steam! Then reaching down into the fridge, pulling out a cold one and hearing the pssstt! when it opens. DAYUM!

    oh……..sorry, I was having a little moment there.

  2. Quint C. says:

    Whats really weird is that i work in Lowe’s and tonight when a friend of mine closed he brought it to my attention. i thought he was just joking but i did some research and BAM!! This has got to be the beast king of all toolboxes

  3. thought4food says:

    LOL Me too! I’m one of those smart asses who always claps whenever someone asks for a hand. Hell, I’ll even give them a standing ovation if it’s a really big job.

  4. pobept says:

    Hehehe, got to get me one of them, but at $1600.00 maybe I get myself one for Christmas. You know I just love work, I can set and watch it all day.

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