ADD and ADHD – Or “Boy Do They Have It All Wrong”

Princess Bella has “ADHD” or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. 

Let me take a pause here to decide just where to start this blog, because I have so many things to say and I’m not sure just what order I want to put them in.  Hey there’s a bird out there picking on the dogs!  Cool!  Anyways, as I was saying, I think they totally misnamed this stuff. 

People with ADD and ADHD do not have a deficiency of attention.  What they have is an overabundance of attention.  Their attention is captured by EVERYTHING at all times!  They don’t miss anything at all.  There is not one thing that goes on in this universe that they miss.  It might not make the top 10 on the list of important things they give notice to, but they didn’t miss it, I guarantee you! 

What happens is, they don’t focus on the things that other people  want them to focus on.  This is not a deficiency.  This is a failure to come to an agreement on what constitutes the most important thing.  That is a whole other ballgame.

It is my own personal opinion that ADD and ADHD are old ……..  for lack of a better word…..conditions.  And I use the word condition here NOT in the sense that it is something that needs to be “fixed”, but that it is possibly outside the norm.  I believe that we can lay our very existence at the feet of someone back in the misty long ago who was blessed with ADD or ADHD.

I say this because…..imagine this:  Our little cave-group is sitting around the fire in our pitiful cave, noshing on a few ptarmigan, all happy and stuff.  All of a sudden…..GROWLLLLL…..SNARLLLL!!!!….and whatever other mean nasty things happen when a sabre tooth tiger comes skulking out of the dark.  EEEKKKK!

Now!  Who do you want in your midst most: The cave-dude with ADD/ADHD who’s gonna whack that sabre tooth over the head with a big ol club, or the logical thinker who is going to weigh all the consequences of his actions before he does anything?  MY vote goes for the ADD/ADHD guy!  I believe with all my being that it was those people who acted first without thinking it all out, whose attention was on everything, who were watching it ALL and not missing anything,  that not only kept us alive but advanced us to the point that we can now consider their gift a problem and chastise them for it.

Because it is only now, at the advanced point our civilization has reached, that the gifts of ADD/ADHD become a “problem.”  Only now do we have to sit un-naturally still for hours on end as small children day in and day out for months at a time.  Only now do we have jobs that require us to be indoors all day long every day all year long.  Only now does the watchfulness and quick action inherent in ADD/ADHD become unnecessary.

Instead of calling ADD/ADHD a problem or making people with it feel broken, we need to name streets after them, have a national ADD/ADHD holiday, and celebrate the fact that it exists at all.  Because without it, we very well might not be here at all!



4 Responses to ADD and ADHD – Or “Boy Do They Have It All Wrong”

  1. cerebral symptoms…

    The 10 people who were exposed to solvents but had no CSE symptomsshowed similar reductions but to a lesser extent. Both groups showedreduced levels of choline (which plays a role in neurotransmission) in thefrontal grey matter of the brain….

  2. thought4food says:

    Thanks for commenting, Brenda. I have an idea: I think that educational facilities for ADD/ADHD people should be designed and built for and by ADD/ADHD people. Not only would they be THE most interesting places on earth, they would be done in two seconds!
    “At least for the next five minutes” That cracked me up! Because I won’t let anyone watch me do my housework. I do everything for five minutes at a time. It all gets done, but I have to do it all in a circuit, each thing for about five minutes. lol
    No one can watch me do it because I’m afraid that it would send them to the looney bin if they ever watched me do it one time. OR….that they would send ME to the looney bin! YIKES!

  3. Brenda says:

    Found your site through Blog Catalog and really enjoyed this and the Rachel Ray post! I agree with your take on ADD — not just because I have it, but because BY having it I’m a natural problem-solver something that was/is certainly needed for survival! I’ve long-suspected I’m an evolultionary throw back just because I was never designed to learn in the typical classroom settings or work in cubicles! While I can (and do) sit still for long periods of time, it’s not my forte! Still the ADD brain can be more of a blessing than a curse even today as long as one learns to how to maximize this unique brand of creativity. Besides, while there’s no longer a need for protection from the random sabre tooth tiger, there’ll always be the need for a better mousetrap … or more functional gadgets of some kind. And I’m on it! … At least for the next five minutes!

  4. […] Dr Charles ParkerReally interesting read I found today:Princess Bella has “ADHD” or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Let me take a pause here to decide just where to start this blog, because I have so many things to say and I’m not sure just what order I want to put them in. … […]

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