Word Play

Speaking of words…..not that we were……But anyway

Let’s play with words today, just because I’m bored and I have nothing better to do except housework and I avoid that like the plague.

Grumptious-Someone who is grumpy but in a delicious way.

Wit for Brains – Some one who is witty but in a shitty way.  Shittily witty.  Or wittily shitty.

Bother in-law – An in-law (or out-law) that won’t leave you alone.  This one is a unisexual term that can be used for all in-laws of any persuasion.

Pooppees – It’s what puppies are until they are housetrained.  Count on it, I know!

Crapromise – That’s a promise someone makes but they have no intention of keeping it.

Crampromise – Along those same lines, a compromise that never really pans out.


Alright, I ran out already.  But I just got to thinking about the word “bill”.  It can be someone’s name, it can be the long hangie-out piece on the front of a hat, it can be the really long hard lips on the face of a fowl or a platypus, it can be something you send to congress, or it can be something you have to pay.  We really make our words work hard don’t we?  

I love words.  They are some of my favorite people.  And since my brain got smushed, they have become a source of endless amusement for many people, including me.  For instance, the time at the Pawn Shop, in June, when a customer was leaving and I told him to have a Happy Thanksgiving.  I have NO idea where that came from.  I was trying to tell him to have a good weekend.  My brain has a mind of its own, though.  That’s probably why I told another customer to have a good idea instead of a good afternoon!  Although having a good idea is never a bad idea, after all.  And then there was the time I was trying to tell someone about Princess Bella’s latest accomplishment.  “She can ride a horse without training wheels”  Hmmm  No, that’s not quite right is it?  I tried it three times and bike came out horse every time.  Finally Bella had to say it for me. 

Now you’re going to see a horse with training wheels all day long aren’t you?  *giggle*  Good!  Me too!  Now, at least I won’t be the only one! 

It just goes to show you, a word is worth a thousand pictures. 


One Response to Word Play

  1. omg that was hilarious! lovez it

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