Random Thoughts – April 22, 2008

The heathens have been out of school for the past two days.  They have technically been out for three days if you count Friday.  *sigh*  This leads me to thoughts of the summer coming up.  They have exactly thirty-one days of school left.  *sob*  That is not nearly enough.  I can tell by the past three days that summer will NOT be my favorite time of year.

One good thing that has come about recently is that The Buddha has decided to become a social butterfly.  What this means is that he is actually leaving the house of his own volition to go hang out with his friends.  He goes to the roller skating rink, the arcade, soccer games, etc.  (I’m not counting detention at school, that is a completely different animal)  I keep checking the top of his head for the little antenna that have to be there.  This is obviously a replacement Buddha. 

In the past, from the day he came to live with me, he has refused to leave home for any reason without a fight.  Now I can’t keep him home!  Who IS this kid and what did he do with the REAL Buddha??????  On the other hand, it gives Princess Bella some one-on-one time with me that she wouldn’t get otherwise.  Now, if he just manages to get through all of this without stomping the living crap out of my last nerve, we’ll all be happy.


I have seven puppies to give away.  PLEASE COME TAKE THEM!!!!!!!  Take two, they’re small!

Cute as a speckled pup!







I wonder if Wally World would let me give them away in the parking lot?  They are darlins, but they are eating me out of house and home!  MDH said that every time he walks out of the house he looks like he’s wearing speckled puppy boots!  They gather around you every time you are within catching distance. 


My heart is broken in a bazillion pieces.  I gave away one of Dee Dee’s babies.  *sob*  Dot is now in a great home with three teenage girls who love her to pieces.  She must have been the Alpha puppy because ever since she left, the other babies are rambunctious hooligans!  They have chewed up three of the guitars for the Guitar Hero games.  MDH had to replace one cord and still has two more to go.  Sheesh.

They are cute as a button though.  Every once in a while you will see a tiny blur and when you look to see what it was, there they are, running like tiny bats out of hell around and around the coffee table just for the sheer joy of running.  They beat up the teeny tiny stuffed animal toys they have.  The funny part of that is that the toys are still way bigger than they are so when they shake them, they always fall over.  LOL  I love puppies, babies, and small kids.  They crack me up every time!

Dash is the little boy.  He’s my babykins.  He’s my replacement for Theo, who burned to death in the fire.  He will let me hold him like a baby and rub his tiny tummy.  He looks at me while I talk to him and he seems to understand.  He’s going to be my bud.  I’m going to teach him to ride in my truck with me.  And I’ll teach him to ride on the golf cart with me too.  He’ll like that.  He will find me where ever I’m at.  I have to be careful not to step on him while I’m cooking or doing other stuff in the kitchen.  He follows me everywhere. 

They like to go outside and play with the big puppies, but the big puppies scare them.  And MDH’s dog, Jeremiah, will herd them.  He puts his nose under them and rolls them to where he thinks they are safe.  He’s a mother hen with all the babies.  I think they make him feel like a big guy. 

They all try to chase the birds that feed at the feeders in the yard.  They are hilarious!  Luckily, I have a very low entertainment threshold.  Give me a few kids, some puppies and other small animals and I’ll be set!  I’m such a goon sometimes.  I tell myself it’s because I have the uncluttered mind of a child.  We won’t talk about the implications of that.  :p

The weather is getting warmer.  Time to put away all those pesky winter clothes.  Of course, as soon as I do that the weather will dip below freezing for a month!  But, I push the warm weather whenever I can.  The porch swing calls to me every day.  I love it out there.  The hummingbirds come visit me when I’m out there.  I love those little guys!

Okay, I’m sick of all this sweetness and light.  I’m going to bed.  Maybe I’ll have something worth saying later.


Butterflies on Azaleas



One Response to Random Thoughts – April 22, 2008

  1. chris says:

    i realy want a puppy i see u have some cute puppies ur iving away i am more than interested

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