MDH Is My Hero

My Dearest Husband is my hero.  He joined the volunteer fire department in our community.  He is doing all kinds of training for it: knocking down doors to get into burning buildings, EMT training, Fire Truck School, how to move around inside of a raging inferno when you can’t see, etc.  He loves it. 

I love that he’s doing it.  I also am in awe of him.  Because, to be perfectly honest, I want nothing to do with fire ever again in my whole entire life!  Especially not going into a burning building on purpose!  Having been inside of an inferno against my will once was enough.  Technically it’s probably twice if you count the time I caught on fire.

However, I have the utmost respect for anyone who does it intentionally.  My nephew is one of those people and now MDH is one too.  You have to have a sense of duty far beyond the norm in order to do something like that.  And for MDH to do it, after also  having been inside of a trailer the size of a cracker box that was nothing but a black wall of smoke and fire hot enough to singe your tush, it’s amazing in the extreme.

I totally feel his need to give back to the people who left the safety of their homes, the comfort of their families, the softness of their beds, to come out in the middle of the night to help people that most of them never heard of.  I’m more proud of him than I can put into words for wanting to do for others what was done for him. 

This is not the first time he’s been in a VFD.  He did it when he was younger in his hometown.  But this is different.  He’s been on the receiving end of it now, he knows how devastating it is to see everything you own go up in smoke.  He understands the aftermath in a way that you never can without having been there yourself.  He knows what it feels like to live in a hospital waiting room because you literally have no place else to go.  He knows the sickening feeling of watching a child being life flighted to a burn unit.

And he’s still doing it!  He has amazed me often in our marriage.  His kindness, generosity, and just plain empathy is astounding.  He has literally given the shirt off his back to someone.  His philosophy is “If I have a dime, my friends have a nickel.”  But THIS  is just so far beyond that. 

My Dearest Husband is an amazing man and I feel so lucky that we are together.  Besides, he’s HOT as a two dollar pistol in that uniform!  Yummy! 

Hate to see you leave but I love to watch you go!


How HOT is this???



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