LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen


Did LeBron or did LeBron not POSE FOR THAT PICTURE???????

Was he not aware that he had a basketball in one hand and a woman in the other?

Was he not aware of his posture?

Dear Lord where do I start?  Is there some organization I’m not aware of whose main goal is to sift through every single  shred of print or video and make up stupid idiotic things to bitch about?

Now, as near as I can tell, and I looked very very closely, LeBron is black.  That’s right.  I went there.  Don’t you think that if there was going to be a problem with this photo, LeBron might have been one of the FREAKIN FIRST people to notice it?  I mean, he WAS there afterall.  He participated!

I get so pissed off when people start screaming “racism” on be-freaking-half of OTHER people. 

Here’s my opinion, for what it’s worth(which is basically not a damn thing):  If LeBron didn’t have a problem with the picture, then no one else has one iota of buisness saying a damn word about it. 

How about this fantastical idea?  Let’s save the cries about racism for an actual case of racism?  I fail to see how a man at the top of his game, looking like he stepped right out of a marble statue, with his arms around a beautiful woman is in any way racist, demeaning, or off .

The end.  Where is my valium?


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