Goes Together Like Cheese and Drillbits.

Here are a few things that should never be put together for any reason under any circumstances for any length of time, ever:

A fifty year old grandmother with MS, ectopic cerebellar tonsils, and a severe case of Youth Deficiency……..And a nine year old genius with ADHD and a bad attitude.

That same fifty year old ……..AND that same nine year old with paint, scissors, glue, glitter, fingernail polish, make-up, chewing gum, any pointy objects of any kind, or fruit juice that stains.

That same fifty year old ……..AND that same nine year old with one pregnant dog and one dog that just dropped eight, count em, eight puppies.

A nine year old genius with ADHD ……….AND her 12 year old brother who is an even bigger genius but likes to hide it, and does so very very well, so as not to be asked to do too much for too long.

Mayors of large American cities ………AND prostitutes.  Seriously, if you’re a mayor and you’re not just fugly in the extreme, you can get all the nookie you want for free.  What the hell are you doing paying for it, for God’s sake????  Dumb ass!  That was just a wanton waste of taxpayers money. 

There comes a time in each child’s development when they reach a certain age.  At that time they should be chained up in a cave on the outskirts of town and left there until they reach the age of twenty-one.  A check should then be made to ascertain whether or not said person is fit company for the rest of human society.  If not, water and the large thigh bone of an ox should be tossed into the cave once each day for another year, when the check should be made again.  This scenario should continue until such time as the aforementioned chained up person should be deemed fit to rejoin society.  I believe that this should be a legally mandated action nation-wide.


One Response to Goes Together Like Cheese and Drillbits.

  1. Magnusrw says:

    favorited this one, guy

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