Maria Lauterbach, Cesar Laurean, Christina Laurean

Living in North Carolina gives me a front row seat to the circus on this one.  Amid the incessant round of repeat information today I suddenly had a thought.  I think Christina Laurean is lying about when Cesar Laurean told her about what happened to Maria Lauterbach in their house. 

She claims that it was during a drive to see lawyers about the rape.  I don’t think that’s true at all.  I think he told Christina the story about Maria cutting her own throat with a knife on the same day he beat her to death in his home.  I believe that Christina came home from where ever she had been and walked into a slaughter house.  The explanation that Maria cut her own throat with a knife was the only thing he could think of at the time that would explain the blood all over the ceiling and walls of the house without implicating himself in her death. 

It makes no sense that he could beat Maria Lauterbach to death, wash down the scene, grab a friend, go to Lowe’s, buy a bunch of stuff, then paint the walls and ceilings of several rooms in his house, all while his wife is at a party. 

And that is IF he told her that story at all.  You have to keep in mind that Maria Lauterbach had accused Christina’s husband and the father of her 17 month old child of rape.  There is some question as to whether or not the child Maria was carrying was Cesar’s.  It’s entirely possible that Christina didn’t need an explanation about what happened.  She might have been there when it happened.  That might be why she took an entire 24 hours to go to authorities with her information after Cesar left town. 

Maria Lauterbach’s rape accusation had put Christina’s life and the life of her child in jeopardy.  It’s possible that Christina went to her husband’s Christmas party without him in order to make his excuses and give him time to do what he had to do with Maria’s body and the house.  She could have been covering for him.  She had no reason to like Maria Lauterbach.  In her mind, Maria could very well have been the enemy.  If that was the case, she could very well have aided her husband knowingly in every part of what he did.  He obviously had help from at least one person if not several people along the way. 

He wasn’t alone in Lowe’s, he wasn’t alone at the ATM machine.  He probably wasn’t alone at the Microtel near the airport.  Who is the person he was with at Lowe’s?  Who was he with at the ATM?  Why haven’t we heard anything about these people or what they have to say?

Another thought that gives me a hinky feeling about this whole thing is this:  In the note he wrote to his wife, Cesar Laurean puts himself at the train station with Maria Lauterbach when she bought her ticket to El Paso, TX.  As far as I know, HE is the ONLY source of this particular bit of information.  The question is WHY did he put himself there with her?  Did he see someone he knew there?  Did he think he was seen BY someone who knew him?  Did he think there were cameras there?  Did he take Maria Lauterbach FROM the train station? 

He put himself AT the train station with Maria for some reason.  So far I’ve heard no explanation for why he did it, but he had to have had a very good reason for putting himself WITH her at the last place she was KNOWN to be alive on the day she disappeared.  I’m still waiting to hear about this one too.  Could it be that he kidnapped her from the train station?  Could he have taken her to the train station and somehow forced her to buy the ticket to El Paso? 

And for that matter, no one actually SAW her leave her residence.  All they have is a note supposedly from her.  He could have kidnapped her from her home.  He could have forced her to write the note she left.  He could have taken her to the train station and had her buy the ticket then taken her to his home.  It’s not as far fetched as it sounds.  You have to remember this is the man who beat her to death in his house then took her out in his back yard, burned her body up and then buried her there.  Then calmly proceeded to paint over the blood stains in the house his child would soon be walking around in.

I think when this one’s finally over it’s going to be a stomach turner.  What do you think?


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  3. thought4food says:

    I hope they don’t giver her immunity too, Dis. Unfortunately that’s how it happens most of the time.
    He also knew that if he got caught in Mexico, the death penalty would be out. He’s a POS but he’s not stupid.
    I wonder if they knew about his wife talking to him on the net?
    It’ll be interesting to see how the DNA test comes out. I wonder how he’ll feel if the baby isn’t his. He must have been fairly certain that it was.

  4. Disgusted says:

    Well… no… but I’ll post anyway! I think he hid out this specific amount of time because he was waiting for the outcry to die down, thus the spending of time in the internet cafes. I really don’t think his wife is innocent, hopefully the fools don’t offer her immunity in exchange for her testimony.

  5. thought4food says:

    Thanks Shannon! That is a perfectly plausible theory. You could be right. She has been communicating with him on the sly by using her sister’s computer. Maybe she still doesn’t believe he killed her. That’s not all that hard to believe if you consider that she has a child by Cesar. His blood runs in that child’s veins. You never want to think the worst of someone connected to your child. It puts a pall on your thoughts for your children’s future. Thank you for a different point of view.

    Does anyone else have a different point of view from the majority voiced so far?

  6. Shannon says:

    I may get shit for this, but I kinda think that Maria was not raped, but claimed she was because she fell in love with Cesar. She ended up getting pregnant with his child and wasn’t going to have an abortion, which infuriated Cesar, as that would be the end of his career and marriage if it got out. I think he and his friends tried to intimidate her into admitting she wasn’t raped because his friends knew that it was a consentual “relationship” and were pissed off that Maria lied. I think Maria went back and forth with her feelings because Cesar would appear to go back and forth as well. I think he probably told her he loved her and that he was trapped or didn’t know how to get out of his marriage. You know… the BS that cheaters tell their lovers when they want to keep getting laid for as long as they can, knowing full well that they aren’t ever planning on leaving their spouse, so they lie about how they’re trapped and can’t leave just yet.

    I think because she was in love she may have willingly gone with Cesar that day because he lied and told her he wanted to be with her and that he was leaving his wife finally. I do think at some point Maria may have figured out that something wasn’t right and that at some point she was forced by Cesar to do some things.

    I think that Cesar killed her without his wife’s knowledge. However, I think she obviously found out, and of course, Cesar lied to his wife and told her that Maria had come to their house and was planning on ruining their marriage, breaking up the family, and ending his career. So Cesar told his wife that Maria killed herself. I think Christina wanted so desperately to believe her husband. I think since Christina believed her husband, at that point, that she decided to help him, and they both came up with ways to try to cover up everything. In Christina’s mind Maria lied about her husband raping her, she had an affair with her husband, got pregnant with his child, came to their house to ruin their marriage, and then killed herself in her home because she couldn’t have her husband. Christina probably justified everything in her mind. Christina probably had so many emotions going through her mind all at the same time that she wasn’t thinking rationally. I think that after some of the evidence came out and Christina was able to finally talk with her family and friends about what happened, that Christina finally realized that her husband really was a liar, a cheater, and a murderer. So then she decided to cooperate with everyone to save herself, her child, and because she realized that her husband lied about everything.

    I think the DA, FBI, etc, knows that Christina didn’t participate, know that Cesar was going to kill Maria, or had killed Maria, which is why they aren’t charging her. But they all know that she believed what her husband told her about Maria killing herself and that that’s the only reason why Christina went along with helping her husband out. I’ll bet that Cesar was telling his wife from day one that Maria was mentally unstable, a liar, jealous, and out to hurt their family, which is why Christina believed or wanted to believe her husband.

    Does anyone else think the same?

  7. Sally says:

    I think Mary Lauterbach is Maria’s real mother. She had her in Florida. Then Victor Lauterbach adopted she and her sister later on. Wonder why Mary would not admit that Maria was HER child?

  8. Anonymous says:

    i hope and PRAY they figure out the truth about what happened and catch that evil disgusting piece of shit.

  9. Jen says:

    Well, I am new to this blog, but I COMPLETELY agree with the things that most of you have said. I do believe that Christina Laurean had something to do with the death of Maria and her unborn child. I honestly question whether or not she herself may have actually been the one that committed the murder. Maybe she found out that her husband and his lover where running away together and she put an end to their little trip. I believe that she could have done it on the night of the 14th and then claimed that it happened on the 15th, because she knew she would have a reliable alibi. Her husband has family in Mexico, so it would be easier for him to run away than it would be for her. Hell, you never really know what a person is capable of. I am definitely not saying that any of my thoughts or theories are true or even possible, given the likely evidence that most of us probably know nothing about. What I am saying, is that our judicial system is not bringing forth and kind of “justice” for that poor woman and her child that never had a chance to live. By letting Christina Laurean walk as a free woman, the authorities of Onslow County and the Marine Corps Officials are basically saying that Maria and “Gabriel” Lauterbach meant NOTHING. The Marine Corps brags about how they are a family oriented offiliation and a brotherhood who NEVER leaves any Marine behind. I am a Marine and I have begun to question that claim. The Marine Corps let Maria down. No matter what, I pray that she be remembered and that the death of Maria and her baby are not in vain. I hope that we as Marines, remember this tragedy and NEVER again fail to do the right thing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    When one enlists, one does for eight (8) years basically. Four years active, four years ‘inactive’, during this time you can basically do as you please just about. You can be called back on ACTIVE DUTY at any time during this latter four year time frame.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bus station, not train station. We don’t have a ‘civilian’ train station here.

    He did not go to Lowe’s the day he killed Ria.

  12. Julie says:

    I have questioned Christina Laurean’s behavior and role as well. Even if she succumbed to wishful thinking or giving Cesar the benefit of the doubt, she is still at the very least an accessory after the fact. I do NOT understand why she is not in custody.

  13. A Woman Marine says:

    Anonymous, sorry for the big typo, I didn’t see it on my screen. Anyway, thanks again.

  14. A Woman Marine says:


    Thanks for explaining the custody issue. Now it mas it makes more sense as to how she was able to go active so fast.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Woman Marine,
    Christina was already in the Marines…she was in the reserves and was working full time and reenlisted in the Active Duty side….so she wasn’t just called up as soon as the case hit the fan. You are correct that singele parents have to turn over custody of their children but that is when they go off to basic etc… afterwards they are able to get custody back.

  16. A Woman Marine says:

    I might be a little late on commenting but, last night I had a dream about Maria and her baby. The word “Charred” keeps coming back to me. I am a veteran Woman Marine from The Vietnam era. I served at Camp Lejeune and yes their are hurdles that women in the military face. But they can be overcome and in my case I was lucky, there were more gentlemen than none gentlemen when I served. An I am Hispanic like many other Marines. It’s like any job where men outnumber the women. I think about Christina’s time in the Marine Corps that she so loved. She really didn’t get a chance to experience much of military life. She came out of boot camp, went to school and reported to her first duty station, Camp Lejeune, then she met up with evil. She met the wrong person and spent the rest of her time being abused by fellow Marines and then worried about her pregnancy, the rape charge and the loss of her military career if she kept her baby.

    I don’t understand how Mrs. Laurean can just return to military service as quick as they claim she did. Because from my knowledge I person with a child must give up all rights to the child (and I believe a lawyer needs. to be involved for this) In most cases the grandparents take over guardianship. Was is done that fast? I could be wrong about that. I know it was still true a few years ago.

    I don’t see Cesar Laurean nor his wife as fellow Marines. I see them for what they really are: liars and you know the rest, I agree with everyone.

    I hope you excuse my grammer and any typos. I can’t see the entire screen as I am typing.

    PS I found these pictures of Cesar Laurean and his wife whose face is smudged out. It looks like she was preghant at the time.

    I typed “Parents of Cesar Laurean” and his in-laws came up showing off the pictures.

    The site was on

  17. Anonymous says:

    Jacksonville does not have a train station. It was a bus station.

  18. Kathy says:

    I agree with what you posted. Nothing is going to make me believe that the wife didn’t know nothing about what her husband did. I was talking to my husband, questions were where was the wife, how could she not notice the blood. You will not convince me that the wife didn’t help with her murder, even if she didn’t help she knew what he did and helped to cover it up. She is still helping him by waiting one day before she went to police, then when she did go, why the lawyer with her, did she have something to hide to bring him along with here, oh you bet she did. I know we will not hear all that took place they will cover up most of it so we will never know. I just do not understand why he is only being charged with one murder, what about the baby, it was almost due, by killing Marie he also killed her little daughter too. You have that right it is going to be a stomach turner for sure.

  19. LC says:

    I also believe that the wife is more involved that it seems. From what I’ve heard… directly from the base is that it is being said that Christina didn’t attend the Xmas party at all. NOt sure how true that is… you know how rumors can be but you never know. Also, she was not called to duty as a result of what is going on…she was in the process of reenlisting. I wish more details, like what RL? mentioned that aren’t being put out in the media as there is alot of questions that I would like answered.

  20. thought4food says:

    If you are interested in this story and others like it, click on Danny Vice’s name and it will lead you directly to his blog. You’ll be in heaven. You can read my review of his blogs on my review page. His humor blog is outrageous. I thought I would laugh til my momma spit up! His writeup of this story is compelling and thought provoking. Wait until you read what HE has to say!

  21. thought4food says:

    So the latest is that Cesar Laurean is in Mexico visiting with his familia. He’s traveling with his buddies. I believe his uncle said there were about four of them but he couldn’t see their faces because they were facing away from him. American buddies? Mexican buddies? Family? Not the uncle’s family or he would have recognized them, right?
    The death penalty has been dropped because neither the military nor civilian authorities will be able to extradite him from Mexico with it (death penalty) in effect.
    The crime scene photos have been released. The color he chose to paint the living room and the garage where they believe he killed her is the color of dried blood. It’s creepy in the extreme.
    The cinder blocks he bought in Lowes were used to line the fire pit he burned Maria Lauterbach’s body in. I wonder if he stood over her body the entire time it burned. Or even worse, did he leave and then come back to check on the progress? Could you leave that scene and then COME BACK to it and look at what you had done? Did HE see that tiny fist? Did he wonder if his blood ran in the veins of that tiny body?
    I’m in favor of the death penalty for one reason: sometimes you have to do a bad thing for a good reason. Pedophiles fall into that catagory. Rapists and child murderers run a close second. However, life without the possibility of parole in general population is an acceptable second choice to me. He’s pretty enough to have a hard time in prison. Maybe his name could be Cecily.
    Or Christina.

  22. Disgusted says:

    Well she hasn’t been charged with anything so she’s entitled to privacy regardless of how things look to us, this is still America (although from this female’s perspective things are looking a bit Dark Ages).

    My mom had some drama when she was in the Army too. That’s saying something, she’s very tall and fit, from a military family and in no way a push over.

    The baby was a little girl and they are doing a paternity test (but they said they are in no hurry to get the results).

  23. Danny Vice says:

    When I posted this story, before some of the facts started to come out, I immediately knew that this story would become one of the most intriquing murders of the year simply because of the many outrageous oversights by bothe the marines and the local authorities to properly investigate this case.

    Right now, they claim everyone followed proceedures and that no one had a reason to expect she was in any danger. That’s ridiculous really. If they did indeed follow the correct protocol, then that protocol undoubtedly needs to change.

    The media is suppressing the wife’s photo just as it attempted to suppress Lori DRew’s identity.

    The media has a “protect the perp” agenda at the oddest times and in the strangest circumstances.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Where are the pictures of Christina Laurean? We need to know what she looks like before she runs.

    And if the military and DA think she does not already have another cell phone, they are nuts. Too easy to get. People like this use those throw away prepaid cell phones.

    Since Maria’s and baby’s remains have been released to her family, when will we hear from someone about the baby’s sex and father ID ?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have a photo of Christina Laurean? I wonder what she looks like! Also, why did the Marines call her back to active duty when she was a reservist? Was it to control her? I think she complicit in the murder.

  26. BT says:

    Good Points. Some sick stuff.
    All ur points need severe investigation.

    Thx for ur input, u told me some things
    I didnt realize. Whats up with the media
    not puttinng these facts out there!

    Wacked! Peace BT

  27. dannyvice says:

    Wow… do I ever have a lot of catch up reading to do… =)

    Outstanding work… Can’t wait to come back and read it all.

  28. Disgusted says:

    Well he’s successfully gotten rid of the death penalty per CNN. Mexico won’t extradite him now if he’s to face the death penalty (so the whittling down of his punishment begins). This is probably a stupid question but what would happen if they refused to drop the death penalty and waited for him to come back to the States? Do you think he really intends to stay away forever? His wife and much of his family are here and if he never comes back so much the better.

  29. lizcspring says:

    The word premeditated is written all over this cas4e… christina went to the xmas party for a alibi. the killer had probably played Maria the whole time she was pregnant. He knew too much of her info, pin etc..for this to be a casa platonic relationship. Laurean was playing both of them and got “CAUGHT UP” why would Maria carry a baby for 8 months from a rape when she had her whole future aheaahead of her? Why did she stay that long in the corp?Bills , debt and pride played into this mess. and it is a offense to be caught commiting adultry in the corp. Why not kill her off, make it seem like nd act asif nothing ever happened. it sounds sick but hey, these people are trained to kill for the government you know and trained to be interrgated.Most

  30. Joy says:

    You don’t see pictures of the wife because Onslow county Sheriffs Department and the USMC apparently feel she is entitled to more protection then Maria was dead or alive!
    It is insane, and what if she goes on the run? They said he was not a flight risk but he took flight. No one except them know what she looks like. So she can do just the same as hubby and be so far away by the time we get a decent picture of her it will be as with her husband, 10 years if ever before either one of them are forced to sit down and think of what thier actions did to this poor girl and her baby.
    I am not trying to be morbid but at night when I lie down I find myself thinking about the baby and how confused her little body was when her life line (mother)died. I have even wonderd how long it took for the baby to die, was it moments or minutes? Or had she had the baby and they killed her too? Mary Lauterbach stated that Maria was having contractions when she spoke with her. She went missing on the 14th but now it is believed she died on the 15th. I think they may have held her captive. I think it was thier plan that went wrong not Maria’s, and you darn tootin if it was my daughter and I had the means no question that I would up the reward significantly to ensure the quick capture and prosecution of Cesar Laurean. How would a $200,000.00 dollar reward look? And personally I think the USMC needs to anty up too! Maybe some of her fellow marines who were so quick to defend their buddy to the point Maria was even punched in the face by one of them, and the wife verbally assualting her,and blaming her for her marital issues, they made her life a living hell, maybe they should get a fund together and up the anty on their good buddy too! He is a disgrace to them.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Most of the theories that have been posted here are what I have been thinking. I can tell you all that I would be asking a lot of questions: Why a fire in our back yard in December? Why are you using the fencing? Why 3 fires? Why the cinder blocks? Why did you buy a wheelbarrow in December (strange Christmas present)?

    And if Christina was at his Christmas party, where was their 18 month old baby? Was she watching daddy kill Maria? In all our years in the military, I would have never gone to a base Christmas party like she did. I believe it was a ruse to make sure everyone saw her. What was the excuse she gave for him not being there?

    Another thing – Why was Cesar not charged with adultery as it is an offense under the UCMJ? There are so many holes in the Marine version of this whole thing. I believe she was pressured into changing her story by fellow Marines. Were any women involved in the Marine investigation or just men? Makes you wonder. And why was a rape kit not done or is that not standard procedure with the military? Is it me or does it seem to some of you that a Mideastern mentality exists within this Marine investigation?

    Also, Maria was supposedly very sick and bedridden according to her roommate. So how was she feeling so well to go to an ATM and buy a bus ticket? How would she have been able to travel for a couple of days on a bus when she was in bed? Also, the ticket would have only been around $150, so where is the rest of the cash?

    This whole thing is beyond sickening.

    Mary Lauterbach is definitely a piece of work. I have two daughters who are grown and are great people but they have made some mistakes along the growing up path. Regardless of anything else, I would NEVER get on TV and tell the world about anything they ever did wrong. I would make sure that the world knew that they were the best girls in the whole wide world, like 99.99% of mothers would.

    If she is getting $400,000 in life insurance, why is Mary not adding to the reward money? She could easily add another $25,000 I would think.

    I fail to understand why Greta and Nancy have not asked some of these questions. Maybe it is too much to comprehend, even for the media.

  32. Joy says:

    You know you said it all, I am very upset about the whole thing. I live just outside of Jacksonville, and have followed this close. Christina Laurean needs to be housed at the Onslow County jail until her court date, not on base, she needs to be charged the same as her cold blooded husband, and let them figure out which one of them killed her or if they did it together or who has covered who.
    I know I am not in the loop, but I can not currently see any need for her as a wittness because we KNOW how Maria died and WHERE as well WHO BURIED and BURNED her and her baby. Keeping Christina out of jail ONLY benfits Christina and the marine corps while daily giving her the chance to take her daughter and meet up with hubby, so neither one of them ever face justice for what they have done to this poor woman and her family. How pray tell, has she helped? Her husband is safe and sound somewhere else, I don’t see where she has helped at all. Now if she had done something that landed him in jail waiting trial I could see working with her some. I know she has done nothing that should allow her to go completly free, because I agree that there is no party that last long enough to clean, shop for paint then paint, dig and bury, then burn? Oh please she is in on it, if she didn’t kill her, herself! And really ladies how often have you attended your husbands company christmas parties WITHOUT your husband? That girl was already dead and she went to give HERSELF an alibi, probaly something her husband told her to do, because he feels guilty for all the problems he has caused leading up to this. I think they planned it, kidnapped that poor girl and then one of or both of them killed her, to cover his A**.
    I also think that her being free and the lack of information that we have recieved as the public have more to do with covering the A** of the marine corps and the Onslow County Sheriffs Dept. then protecting the integrity of the case.
    I have to agree with the post that made reference to the county fairs 🙂 they did it together as husband and wife, and for two people to do together what these two appear to have done, with evidence blazing is sick, and I see no reason to wait for him to be caught to charge the one that we have! He would probaly come on back. SOMEONE needs to start paying for this, and unlike MR. Brown 10 years from now is just not okay with me.

  33. RL says:

    After reading the comments below I see we have a none informed Marine, you are AWOL once you leave or are not at your assigned place of duty Deserter is 30 days.
    The Military will not go into Mexico to apprehend him because it will start something with the Mexican Government which the US doesn’t want or need, and that is if he is in Mexico.

    Just because he was a Marine doesn’t give the goverment jurisdiction over every country.

  34. RL says:

    It was a bus station, but I feel the exact same way I know she knows more about it and probably knows where he is. I live right outside the area he did it, and I am a former Marine. I have kept track of this since I heard of it and there is a lot not coming out that is known. Which I understand not all can be said at once or at all because it could jeopardize the case.

  35. april says:

    It appears that he either followed her home that day and forced her to do all the things such as withdraw money and buy the ticket (which would explain the cell phone on the side of the road when she may have attempted to use it) OR they had a plan to meet at the train station which would explain why her car was there. This doesn’t entirely add up either because she would have got in the truck with him if he said he was leaving his wifey and they were going off together, because the bus ticket was found in the back of her car. When travelling, most people keep all their travel stuff together not thrown around. The most interesting comment that was made by him which is a tell tale sign is that he states she showed up at the house and said that the “plan had failed”… there was no reason for him to say that unless he was basically saying that her plan failed because he killed her. SICK. Christina may not have been directly involved in the killing but she HAD to buy some story of her being dead by December 15. I would like everyone they all worked with to be interviewed to know how they were all acting from Dec 14 through Jan 10.

  36. Rod says:

    I agree with everyone, my understanding is that any service member is AWOL after 30 days. Maybe, this is what they are waiting on. I beleive Christina does have something to do with all this. She turned in the letter four hours after Cesar took off. I think they planned that. Four hours is a pretty big head start. My opinion the athorities are not doing all they can to find Cesar. I am a Marine and all this upsets me the all this has been handled. I think the athorities should be doing alot more.

  37. […] Maria Lauterbach, Cesar Laurean, Christina Laurean […]

  38. thought4food says:

    I think the reason the DA isn’t going to step aside and let the military prosecute Laurean is twofold:

    1. The military is as much to blame for Maria Lauterbach’s death as Cesar Laurean is. They failed to act on her charge of rape, they failed to protect her, they failed to secure him and they failed to notify civilian authorities until five days after her disappearance that she was missing.

    2. There is an agreement between the two of them (the military base and the DA’s office) to try to keep a lid on this as much as possible. There is a decided lack of information going out on this case. I realize that we never really get all of it and that we shouldn’t, however we aren’t even getting a coherent account of what’s going on.

    We have a buffoon of a sheriff doing the talking, the military doing the usual military non-speak, Christina Laurean doing a verbal acrobatics act worthy of Barnum & Bailey, a DA who won’t step aside so the military can go into Mexico to get him, which they would have the jurisdiction to do since he is AWOL, and would then allow him to face the death penalty, and we’re supposed to swallow all of this without ever noticing that it’s all a crock of shit.

    To use one of my favorite quotes of all time, “I’ve been to six county fairs and a goat fucking and I ain’t NEVER seen nothing like this!”

  39. Di says:

    I think the feds are desperate to clean this situation up so they are playing up to the wife. I think that his escape was way pre-meditated, and that’s one reason he hasn’t been found. He has money and help. I also think that his wife is a part of it. No one way anyone would be buried in MY backyard and me not know what’s going on. I agree with alot of what was said on this blog previously, Maria was a threat to the wife and child. I doubt we will ever really know everything, there and is lot’s of cover-up. These two should have been seperated from each other from the get-go,(Ceasar and Maria). It is old old trick to accuse the victim and make her look bad, I don’t think Maria accused him in vain. An accusation like that in the service is VERY serious. They shoulda been seperated at the least.

  40. Analytical says:

    I agree with you guys. I’ve always wondered how could his wife not have seen the blood all of the walls in the house when she came back from the Christmas party?

    IF her husband told her that the pregnant marine cut her own throat, she would want her husband to call pocice instead of getting paint to cover the blood.

    She must have seen or at least known that her husband had killed her romantic rival. Then she allowed plenty of time for her husband to escape. She is part of the conspiracy. Even a fool can see this clearly. Now I fail to undestand why the press still leaves her out there. She was part of this.

  41. Mon says:

    You make a lot of good points. How long does a Christmas party last? She had to have walked right into her husband cleaning up the mess, if she wasn’t a part of it from the start. There is no way he could have committed the crime and covered it all up in just the time she was at the party.

    Just the fact that she knew almost 24 hours before she told the cops should have landed her in jail. He had a plan and his plan called for him to have that time he needed to pull off his escape. Which she gave him. She probably would have waited longer but the police were getting to close.

    So what did they do with the wife, who I read is a Marine in the reserves? From what I have read instead of jail they put her on active duty and gave her a place to stay on base. That way they can keep an eye on her. But she is not a flight risk. Wait, where have I heard that before.

  42. travsgurl says:

    I wonder to why we have yet to see a picture of the wifey?

  43. travsgurl says:

    Girl, I live in Jax and I ask myself the same questions & feel as you do. There are to many holes and not enough lies to fill them. His wife should be going to jail right along with him.

  44. Vicki says:

    I think Christina’s story doesn’t add up. From where I sit, her rival is dead and her unfaithful husband is blamed for the death and removed from the scene.

    This will be a real stomach-turner, I agree. It already is. You know, the deceased Marine wrote a note which was left for the guy she was renting from. Now how did he persuade her to do this? Who was threatened that she needed to protect?

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