Thoughts For The Day – Jan. 15, 2008

Does it seem odd to you that the CBS morning news should be reporting on Britney Spears court nonappearance in her child custody case?  Are there not a couple of areas in the world in which we are in military combat that might require more immediate attention?  Is there not a murderer on the run somewhere in the world who murdered an eight month pregnant woman, whom he allegedly raped, then burned and buried right in his own back yard in North Carolina?  Are there not weather systems going haywire?  Isn’t there a dog stuck in a well pipe on 7th street in some backwoods town in East Bumphuc Egypt?

And while I’m on the subject, does it constitute a low speed chase if only the psycho paparazzi are involved?  Isn’t it a prerequisite that the legal authorities be involved for it to be classified as a “chase” of any kind and to be shown on the national news, for God’s sake?

And, again, while I’m on the subject, does anyone really have an objection to Britney not being there to fight for custody of her children at the moment?  Before you all get up on your high horses and start to judge her as a horrible example of a mother for not being in there fighting for her kids with all her might, let me set you straight.  Britney did the most motherly thing I’ve seen her do in a long time this morning.  She let her kids go to the best place they can be right now.  Does anyone really think they need to be in Brit’s custody right now? 

Permanent Custody is a relative term in the court system.  Until a child is eighteen years old, or until a parent’s parental rights are terminated, nothing and I mean NOTHING is written in stone.  We’ve seen this over and over in this case already.  This could very well be Britney’s first step towards healing in a very long time.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

If I were her and I pulled up in front of that courthouse, with no chance of success inside and that gauntlet of press to run outside, I would probably have done the same thing.  Please note the “If I were her” at the beginning of the sentence.  Because every expression on my face on the way out the door would have been worth thousands to some undeserving asshole whose only ticket in is a camera in his hand and the dexterity to plunge the freakin button on it.  Which means a blind monkey in the right position could make that money shot over and over again.  So much for the “talent” portion of our event.

And that’s all for my Britney rant today.


The four hundred eighty five things you DID do today don’t count.  It’s the ONE thing you didn’t do that matters.  Don’t forget that.

Crackers trump the electric bill every time. 

You can spend all of your time working on a problem and someone who has never been involved will STILL think they can see it better than you. 

Criticism comes easy from the least expected people. 

Support comes from the most UNexpected people.

People who were deliberately absent when all the work was being done will make sure to point out all of the shortcomings of any project.  The harder the project, the more vocal the pointer will be.

Sometimes I’m a bitch.


7 Responses to Thoughts For The Day – Jan. 15, 2008

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  2. […] post by Thought For Food and software by Elliott Back This entry is filed under Money shot. You can follow any responses […]

  3. thought4food says:

    jg16475 ~ I agree with you agreeing with me! lol

    danny ~ I’m not sure what pinging is, but if you can do it in front of My Dearest Husband without him getting upset, ping away! By the way, I reviewed your blog on my reviews page. I didn’t do it justice by a long shot. I need to edit it, but I was in a hurry and I had to get it on there before I forgot. I really do have brain damage.

    lucas ~ hmmmmm I speak only English. So I’m going to go with, Thanks! Right back atcha!

  4. lukas shneider says:

    oi ..
    gostaria de ter seu endereço hotmail??

    l’dont speake english.

  5. dannyvice says:

    Oh, and by the way…. to answer your question… everything is Kosher…

    You have a front row seat to the parade…. so I might have to ping you now and then for updates…. and hopefully you won’t mind being pinged… =)

    My gosh… the braille thing just came to mind again.. I’m going for a walk!

  6. dannyvice says:

    Actually, that is one of the reasons why silly blogs like mine climb their way past a lot of the news outlet sites on the Google search results page… as people are burnt out on another stupid Britney Spears story…

    Take this case for example…. Type the man’s name and then type “wife” after it…. as of this morning, my silly post made it to number 1 above all the news sites for that search phrase and about 4 others…


    Well… I think it’s just simply because people want to learn about more important things and are learning to search for the information that is important to them…

    The mass media refuses to cover it “except for the 24 hour cable channels”….

    This is where blogging has a serious role to play in the exchange of information…

    80% of my traffic comes from direct keyword searches…. I have a celeb blog and a hard news blog… the Celeb blog gets no traffic…. the hard news blog is booming… My humor blog does well because after people read the hard news blog, they are dying to read or view something that’s a little less grim…

    But Celebrity news is far more saturated than there are interested people to populate those sites and channels.

    I’m really glad to see this… It lets me know that people are interested in hearing something substantive rather than hearing about Paris Hilton’s refusal to wear panties…

    Blogs are HOT
    News outlets are NOT!

  7. jg16475 says:

    I agree with you I think the news has more important things to report on then whats going on in britney spear’s life. Besides their are tons of people doing that already. The news should stick to the really important facts and just leave brittney spears alone to deal with her problems.

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