I Miss The Old Days

I miss the old days.  I mean back before everyone became numb-skulls. 

Back when you dealt with bullies by having someone bigger and/or meaner than them just beat their asses for them.  A nice big dose of whoop ass is a really good cure for the vast majority of that kind of crap.  The certain knowledge that what goes around comes around has stopped a good many mean ass kids in their tracks.

*SIGH*  Unfortunately, time marches on and those days are gone.  Now we have to be ever so careful how we handle these things.  We have to treat torturer and victim alike with kid gloves.  It’s my own personal opinion that that is a crock of shit.  I back this up with the recent rash of school shootings. 

I believe that if the victims of school yard bullies had just been able to beat the holy living shit out of the people who were victimizing them, the shootings would never have happened.  There are several reasons for this:  There is no shame is having your ass whipped in a fair fight, there is a definite release of pent up aggression when you’re allowed to fight, and you aren’t continually feeling victimized by both the person who is victimizing you as well as everyone who watches what he/she is doing and does nothing to stop it. 

As things go now, if you try to deal with a bully in that time honored fashion, you will be arrested, taken to jail, be booked, go to trial, and have a record.  This is all because someone else took it upon themselves to mentally, emotionally, and probably physically abuse you!  Something is drastically wrong with this picture.  This kind of abuse is an assault.  Just because it isn’t necessarily a physical assault makes no difference.  Physical wounds heal far faster than mental or emotional ones.

I think we should go back to the old days and old ways.  As a friend of mine used to say at the bar when people started scrapping:  If you don’t start no shit, there won’t be no shit.


3 Responses to I Miss The Old Days

  1. kayla says:

    can i have a puppy they are soo cute

  2. Anonymous says:

    fuck off :p

  3. Skull aka MDH says:

    Good quote from Cindy, I heard her say those words many a Saturday night. Dane used to say “If there ain’t no root-n N toot-n, there wont be no cutt-n N shoot-n”
    Seriously though, bullies need to be taught how a victim feels and I don’t know but one way for that to happen!

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