Photos Page

I think I’ve fixed the Photo’s page.  I hope so.  I have to thank my good friend Melz for letting me know that the pics weren’t coming up at all any more.  They were probably just too big to show up.

The fact that they were so big came from a great guy at BlogCatalog, Tony Hogan.  He came to visit here and let me know that the pics were way too big, then told me how to fix them. 

He has some fantastic blogs here at WordPress that you need to read.  Mainly because they are so awesome but also because he was kind enough to tell me how to fix the pics so that my blog here will load in real time instead of geological time.

He has two blogs on WordPress:  and .  You can find the links to them listed in my blogroll to the left on this page.  You will probably have to scroll down.

If you go to either of these blogs you can find the Blogcatalog widget and just press it to get to his other blogs.  They are well worth the trip. 


2 Responses to Photos Page

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