So, here’s the really awesome news: My mom is moving from Florida to North Carolina to live with me!  How totally awesome is that?  For the first time in my adult life I get to have my mother near me.  I can’t wait.  It has long been a dream of ours to be able to sit together in the mornings and drink coffee, talk about something or nothing, and just spend time together.  Now, at long last, our dream is coming true. 

For the time being she will be living in the house with us.  We will spend some time roaming the countryside looking for just the right place for her to move onto our property.  Then she will have her own place but still be with me!  I’m giddy with excitement. 

And…..another way cool thing is that both  of my brothers will be bringing her up, as well as my nephew, Spidey, who I dearly LOVE but didn’t get to see during the party in September.  I’m all wiggly with anticipation.  I have to tune up my guitar, round up all the neighborhood dogs, and get into Mayberry mode.  Porkchop loves that Mayberry feeling and I love making my brother happy.   

What I won’t like is watching them ride away down that rode.  I miss them terribly when they go.  It’s like a vital part of me goes with them and I find it hard to wake up completely when they aren’t near me.  They remind me of who I am, which is something that escapes me more and more these days.  I need the reminder.

I’m hoping that one day soon my brother Pony will come up as well.  He’s an independent spirit and I won’t push it, but it would be wonderful to have him here.  He has a bit of the gypsy in his soul so it’s hard to say if he would do it or not, but he likes the ideaand that says alot. 


I can feel the relief already.  Welcome to the Hill, Momma!

I’ll have the coffee on.


P.S.  You’ll get to see how your hands are doing on the end of my arms!  But you can’t have them back!  I need them!



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  1. rampantheart says:

    Living with our folks is always a comfort.It’s all fun and peaceful.In india,many people live in joint families and as a person hailing from one, i can say joint families are the best.sadly people here prefer nuclear families nowadays due to many reasons.Anyways,I enjoyed reading your post.It feels good reading something straight from the heart.
    Have fun with your folks and enjoy life!

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