Today is My Dearest Husband’s birthday as well as our oldest daughter Birdie’s birthday.  Thaaaat’s right.  They share a birthday.  

MDH is the big 40.  To him it’s a big deal.  To me it’s old hat.  He’s still just a chap to me.  40 was sooo last decade!  😉

Birdie is 32.  Wow!  THAT was a long time ago.  *sigh*  I remember being that young.  My body still worked without protest.  My brain still worked without protest.  It was great!  I had no idea at the time that I was imbued with so much raw power.  I wish I had. 

Birdie has come home from a land exactly different, far far away.  It’s really very very nice to have her home.  To see her on her birthday again is awesome.  To look into those baby blues again on the anniversary of one of the happiest days of my life is confirming. 

I wish them both everything they need.  I wish them both just enough challenges to make the successes tasty and worthwhile.  I wish them both just enough toil to make the pie days feel great.  I wish them both just enough hunger to make the food taste really good.  And I wish them both endless love.

I am incredibly happy they were both born.  I will celebrate this day forever because it symbolizes two of the greatest contributors to my happiness.

I love you both with all my heart.  Happy Birthday!


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