Random Thoughts – November 13, 2007

What is UP with all these young female teachers having sex with their extremely young male students?  Okay, that’s not really the question.  What is up with them deciding that after they do it, they have to be all in love and shit and running off getting pregnant and all that crap?  I mean criminy!  Get over yourself!  Those boys just wanted some poontang!  The girls their age weren’t puttin out.  You were.  Yours isn’t any better than any other one.  It looks like a bulldog eating mayonnaise just like all the rest of em.  Don’t try to convince the kid that gettin nookie means he’s all in love with you and has to carry on some kind of life long love affair.  Better yet, just leave those little boys alone, bypass the middle man and go sign yourself up at the sex offenders registry.  Then go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go and do not collect $200.

Princess Bella makes the BEST deviled eggs this side of the Mississippi River.  Hands Down.

My Dearest Husband is a hunka hunka burnin luv!  Hands Down.

His Highness The Buddha is the a closet sweetheart with a heart of gold.  No Doubt about it.

(I’m setting you all up for my Thanksgiving blog.)

The housecleaning fairy came to my house the other night while I was asleep and cleaned up!  I was astonished!  I was stunned.  I was pleased as punch!  The housecleaning fairy beats the tooth-fairy ten to one.

Question – When you get old, does the tooth fairy come to visit you when your teeth start to fall out again?  I ask this because I just turned fifty and I have started to get all the AARP junk mail in earnest.  I have to plan for my future and if I’m going to be visited by the tooth fairy, I can count that as part of my savings! 🙂

Getting older sucks a big green weenie.

The bad news:  A two year old girl went missing today in NC while playing with her family dogs out in their yard.  Law enforcement was called in and searchers went out and searched for her for hours.  The good news:  She was found about a half mile from her home, unharmed, unabducted, and basically unscathed.  She had simply wandered off and gotten lost in the woods.  How cool is it that there was good news at the end of this?  And how sad that yall won’t get to see it plastered all over the national news tonight.  So, I’ll give you the good news.  They are a happy loving family who were terrified by the thought that their little one was missing.  They did all the right things and in this case they got their little girl back safe and sound.  So here’s one up high for the searchers, law enforcement, the family and all the concerned citizens in this case and all the other ones that turned out right but that we never get to hear about.  Sometimes we need to hear the good news.


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