Britney Spears

Some people just shouldn’t become famous.  This poor kid got famous when she was what…  She’s had a bodyguard almost the entire time she’s been conscious.  Ever since her first hit song, I bet she’s been told “No” about 3 1/2 times, because she is surrounded by people who are paid to tell her yes.  There is no such thing as a personal, private moment ever for her because every person she ever comes in contact with, including her husband(s), will sell her out to the highest bidder in a New York minute if she pisses them off.  She can’t take a dump without worrying about the press trying to hide a camera in the commode, for God’s sake!  Think about it.

People wonder why she always plays to the camera and doesn’t seem to take the custody hearings seriously.  Hell she has absolutely NO idea what is really going on.  In the years during which she should have been forming her adult personality, she was being courted by sycophants and leeches.  She was being cared for by hired help and yes men.  There was not one ounce of reality in her life anywhere.  For her, she IS taking this seriously.  For her entire adult life, the way to deal with any crisis was to get more press! 

As for drug and alcohol abuse, when you have “handlers”, it’s my belief that it becomes far easier for them to handle you if they can control you.  If you never open your own drink, or fix your own meals, it’s easy for people to make you whatever they want you to be.  And in an altered state it’s hard to gel your thoughts enough to realize what’s happening.

Anna Nicole Smith is a perfect example of what happens to isolated stars when there are no outsiders around to check on what goes on.  Britney Spears is everybody’s favorite target recently and we ridicule her relentlessly.  But she is VERY young and she has had nothing that remotely resembles a normal life.  I can’t imagine how we can expect her to react normally to a situation when she has no skills under her belt for normal life. 

Maybe……If you could get her to spend a night at a Holiday Inn Express……………..!!!


4 Responses to Britney Spears

  1. thought4food says:

    Thank you Odale, that was very kind of you to say. I believe you’re right about Anna Nicole. I think where the problem comes in is that when you believe that you want to become famous, there is no possible way, especially if you are very young as they both were, that you can know what it will be like to almost literally be owned by the public twenty four hours a day. It’s sad, because by the time they realize it, their lives are already set up to support so many other people. They are guilted into continuing regardless of how they feel about what is going on.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. I really appreciate it!

  2. Odale says:

    I can’t remember what Britney had done 😉 at the moment, but I wrote a post a little while back defending her as one who is blinded by the glitz & glamour….and money. Those around her and Anna Nicole are in it for what they can get out of it. Living in a small town makes it difficult to go anywhere inconspicuously, let alone a life like theirs! I do think, though, that A.N. designed her life that way more so than Britney…

    I admire and applaud your compassion for the human condition!

  3. thought4food says:

    I agree, and very well said on your part as well. It seems to me we do this often in today’s society.
    We allow convicted pedophiles back into society to abuse more children, thereby creating more pedophiles, and then wonder why we have more and more pedophiles.
    We create a world in which our celebrities cannot live a normal life and then wonder why they are abnormal, while simultaneously mocking them for the abnormality that we helped create!
    We take away every outlet our young children have for their extra energy as well as their frustration in schools, then can’t understand why they don’t act like forty year olds in their second grade classrooms.
    We look the other way and don’t want to become involved when we suspect abuse of children or women in our schools and neighborhoods and then complain that there are so many abusive men in our society.
    We allow our Social Services System in this country to have as its stated goal “the preservation of the family” instead of “the welfare of children”, thereby allowing children to be placed far down the line in consideration in the legal system and wonder why so many of them die when there have been reports of abuse made.
    Britney Spears is just one very easy to see example of the blinding of America to what is a very serious problem. I fear for the future of our country if we don’t decide to see this problem at a grass roots level and rectify it soon.
    It’s obvious that our representatives in government are too busy power brokering on their own behalf to worry about such mundane things as our future as a country.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to comment Karen.
    I appreciate it very much.

  4. Karen says:

    This is all very true and very well said. It seems that people delight in her unfortunate situation. We created a monster and now we point fingers and call her one. It’s all crazy. The only fix would be to drop completely out of the spotlight and get continous therapy from a sincere and talented group of counselors. Problem is – even with that option she’d have to want help. And she is apparently so clueless to reality that that isn’t likely. It’s really pretty pathetic.

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