Just Because Everybody Loves A Mystery

Kennedy Assassination 

 I don’t want my mysteries solved.  I want to ruminate about them over a nice hot cup of java on crisp Sunday mornings while I’m sitting on the porch swing with My Dearest Husband watching the sun come up over the valley.  It gives us something to really sink our teeth into without getting too full, if you know what I mean.

Like, I prefer the lone gunman theory for the JFK shooting.  I’ve seen alot of stupid fast shooters in my time.  It would be just about like Lee Harvey Oswald to be one of those gun nuts who put in enough hours and had just enough natural ability to pull that off all by himself.  If you’ve ever been all hyped up on the A-line you know how things just seem to move in slow mo while everything is happening, while in reality it’s all moving in hyperspeed.  If Oswald happened to be in just that frame of reference, he could have pulled it off easy.  All by his lonesome.

My Dearest Husband prefers the group theory.  More to keep the argument going than any firm belief in it I think. 

We went to Dealey Plaza in Dallas, stood on the grassy knoll, actually stood on the X they have marked on the road where Kennedy took the shot.  Kinda creepy how it’s all laid out there like that.  We stood on that X and looked back at the windows of the School book depository where Oswald would have been shooting from.  It would have been a clear and easy shot.  Not near as complicated as it was always made to seem. 

The fact is, he had easier shots at Kennedy while he was coming straight towards him.  My guess is that he chose not to take them because so many people would have been looking right in his direction at the time of the shots.  It would have been so much easier to see him(Oswald) there.  By waiting until Kennedy turned the corner and was moving away, all faces and cameras would have been pointing away from his location. 

Could easily have been one man.  It could easily have been Oswald.  Or someone one else.  Who knows who it was.?

Robert Garwood

Bobby Garwood walks out of Viet Nam more than ten years after he was captured and held as a POW.  He begins to tell about other US service men still in camps in Viet Nam and other countries in Southeast Asia.  But Bobby Garwood is an embarrassment to the US government and they don’t like him.  So what he says has to be kept quiet. However, what he says can be proven.  Google him.  Look him up. 

Read everything you can find out about his disappearance, his captivity, and his return home.  Then think about what you now know about our involvement in Southeast Asia.  Think about all of the despicable things our government did to the very soldiers they sent over there to fight.  Then decide what you think about what a man did to survive his captivity in the hands of the enemy. 


2 Responses to Just Because Everybody Loves A Mystery

  1. Maximus says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  2. assemkhan says:

    If its not Oswald, then Americans caught the wrong man once again, ha ha. Whom are they trying to fool? themselves? although it is apparent that the 9/11 was deviced by Osama bin Laden, it hasnt yet been proven, so America sucks in that case cos they bloody cant catch the right person.

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