School is STILL Out

Yes, thaaaaat’s right.  School is STILL out.  DAMN SCHOOL!  These kids are driving me crazy!

Typical Day

Where are all the popcicles?????  

Yall ate 43 of them yesterday.  They’re gone. 

I didn’t eat them!  HE/SHE ate them!  (various amounts of violent discord ensues) 

 That is what they’re there for, you both ate them.  Now go play. 


Hog!  (more discord) 

 Cut that out and go play before I send you to your rooms.  (riiiiight!  then they will be locked up in here with ME!  Fat chance! )  

 Well when are we going to get some more popcicles?  We need some more popcicles.  It’s hot, we need popcicles! 

 tick tick tick   hours pass with the incessant questions of popcicles.  Finally I cave.  We go get popcicles. 

 Are they frozen yet?  No  Are they frozen yet?  No  Are they frozen yet?  NO  Are they frozen yet?  NONONO  Are they frozen yet? 

*sigh*  Yes, thank all the Gods in the Universe!  They are frozen!!!!!!!!!!!   Hello?  Where are you?  The popcicles are frozen!  Ya want one? 

(In unison with a nice four part harmony..)  No, I’m tired of popcicles.  Do we have any ice cream?   *SOB*

Does anyone know when school starts again?  Haven’t they been out for a really long time?  It starts again soon, right?  RIGHT??????????????


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