I am at a total loss as to an explanation for sickness.  What possible purpose does it serve in the vast scheme of things?  Why should we become ill and then get well?  Why should we become ill at all?  What is the underlying cosmically necessary meaning behind it all? 

Couldn’t there have been some other teeny tiny prey for a virus to pounce upon that didn’t live in my body?  You would think that either the Higher Power(s) or evolution would have hit upon something!  Seriously!  There could have been herds of little cow like creatures roaming around in snotty stuff for viruses to feast upon and we would never have been the wiser.  Or how about little rodentesque critters scampering around hiding in obscure places for viruses to ferret out? 

The viruses could have banded together and made little slaughter houses to deal with the varmints they caught!  And for those vegan viruses there could have been little plant stuffies for them to eat.  Nutritionally sound if consumed in the proper quantities.  Why would that have been a problem?  Why didn’t it develope that way?  Instead we’re stuck with viruses and an immune system!

The way I see it is this:  My body wouldn’t need an immune system if there wasn’t anything for it to be immunized against.  So, why sickness?  What is it’s purpose?  Why not just be well until we die?

We should live long healthy lives until the very moment that we keel over dead.  Or at least not get sick until it’s time to die.  Yeah!  That’s it!  We’ll be totally well for all our lives!  The only time we get sick will be the one and only time in our lives we will ever be sick.  Then……kaplooey!  Yer dead. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Until you’re skipping down the street having the time of your life, and suddenly……ACHOOOOO!

Uh oh!   *gulp*


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