Free Speech

If you have a problem with people saying what they think, you might want to stop reading right here.  Because unlike Imus, I won’t be coming back later to apologize for saying it.  As far as I know we still live in America.  I still have a right to free speech.  If you don’t like what I say, you still have a right not to listen to it. 

I understand why a politician will apologize for making a remark that most intelligent people will naturally notice is remarkably stupid, like Imus did.  They have a future riding on their ability to appeal to a majority of the people in their districts. 

Entertainment personalities, especially “shock jocks” like Imus, on the other hand, are supposedly making their living by saying incredibly stupid things on a regular basis.  Why should they bow to the pressure of public opinion and apologize for saying it?  Hell, why bother apologizing for it at all?  It’s out there for all time now anyway.  You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube, dude.  All you’re gonna do now is smear it all over the counter.

Imus has a right to say whatever stupid thing he wants to say.  As long as he doesn’t violate any FCC rules and regs he can say anything he likes and we have no right to censure him.  If we don’t like what he says we have the option of simply turning him off.  As long as Imus keeps his dumb ass off my property, he can say all of the backwardly stupid, inbred thinking, family-tree doesn’t branch kind of stuff he wants to and I’ll defend his right to say it to the death.

I don’t have to agree with him, what he says, how he thinks, or even the fact that in some areas he obviously can’t or hasn’t thought.  It doesn’t matter that I believe that he is probably making remarks like this out of some sort of self hatred.  He has a right to be an idiot on the air if he wants to and he doesn’t have to apologize to anyone for it!  He owes no one an apology for being less than a decent human.  Being a creditable, decent, humane individual isn’t a requirement for having your rights protected in this country.

We in America need to remember that we are guaranteed the right of free speech.  We don’t need to apologize to anyone for the things we say.  Whatever stupid, ignorant, ill thought out, uneducated, pitiful opinions we might have, we are free to state them to the world if we want to and we don’t owe apologies to anyone for them. 

We are free in this country to be idiots, racists, bigots, and fools if we want to.  It’s a free country.  So, I say:  Go Imus!  Talk it up!

Just make sure you stay away from my house because your right to free speech ends at my property line.  I have no problem with temporarily seceding from the Union and kicking your sorry ass from here to next week. 

Barring that, talk on, ya idiot!  I’ll defend your right to do so on the public airwaves until America isn’t America anymore.  Which could be next year if we keep on in the same way we’re going now.

I’ll put the coffee on the for the Homeland Security guys, just in case.  If having sex on an airplane is in their domain, defending Imus’ right to be an idiot might be too.  *sigh*


One Response to Free Speech

  1. Loon says:

    I really can’t stand Imus, personally. But I agree with him being paid to DO outlandish things. I don’t believe he should have been fired. If they wanted to suspend him and fine him, even though he shouldn’t have been (in my opinion) that would have been an acceptable “punishment.”

    I think he should sue CBS for everything they have.

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