Free Stuff for Kids

My mom talks to me all the time about the Kim Komando radio show.  She swears by her.  Loves the woman.  I’ve never heard her.  But it’s my mom, right?  So when I was ranting to her on the phone the other night about my grandson’s frenzy to be on My Space with all his friends at 12 years old, she told me to check out Kim Komando’s web site because she had some links to sites like My Space that were for kids his age.

Needless to say I hauled freight over to the Komando site (cool name by the way) and sure enough she had the links to several sites for tweens.  One of them might just be the ticket.  Not too kiddie-fied, yet not too pervo friendly either.  We’ll have to see if it gets the tween stamp of approval.  I’ll have to play my cards right and see if I can be just hesitant enough to make it seem appealing to him.  It sounds so underhanded doesn’t it?  But it seems like half the draw to them is that we hate it so much.

Anyway, after I did my parental duty, I was free to browse around.   Her sight has beaucoup other links and references.  So many free widgets it makes your head spin.  Loads of free stuff for kids.  Cool web sites to visit!  It’s an all around great site.  If you have a couple of hours with nothing to do and you don’t feel like wasting them, visit this site.   One word of advice before you go…….clean out your favorites first, you’re going to need the room!  😉 

This is a link to the Kim Komando website

Way cool website with awesome links to other sites, free widgets, and some great stuff for kids like links to homework help pages, tween chat pages, etc.  Check it out. 


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